Photos: Colorful Mushrooms Seen While Hiking in Auckland

Last weekend I came upon the most interesting, colorful mushrooms while hiking in Jaggers Bush in Auckland City. Now that I am temporarily grounded, I am really enjoying local discoveries.

Colorful Mushroom in Jaggers Bush, Auckland New Zealand

I had never seen anything like this colorful mushroom before last weekend.

Several Colorful Mushrooms in Jaggers Bush, Auckland New Zealand

Then I noticed several colorful mushrooms in this spot.

Closed Colorful Mushroom in Jaggers Bush, Auckland New Zealand

This is the one I noticed first. It was closest to the trail and still closed.

Closed Colorful Mushroom in Jaggers Bush, Auckland New Zealand

One more shot before we leave this enchanted forest.

Jaggers Bush Reserve is located in the Western Springs district of Auckland. We walked on a trail from Meola Reef Reserve to the back entrance of the Auckland Zoo.

If you are like me, you might be wondering if it is safe to eat. Is it really a colorful mushroom, or is it a poisonous toadstool? According the botany experts at Univerisity of Hawaii, “There is no fool-proof test that can be used for all mushrooms. Those species of mushrooms that are edible are known to be edible because someone at one time had tried it and discovered it to be safe to eat.” I have enough problems right now, I was not about to give it a try. (And I hope no one else would either, without knowing for sure that they were safe.)

Have you seen colorful mushrooms like these before? What do you think of them?


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Colorful Mushroom in Jaggers Bush, Auckland New Zealand

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    • says

      When my daughter was little, she wanted a fairy garden and I painted a mural with mushrooms that looked like this. Back then I thought they were a fairytale mushrooms.

  1. says

    Stunning pictures – and such colourful mushrooms. I’d love to be able to forage them safely and in full knowledge of what they are, but I think there’s just so many types and some of the consequences just too high! How come you’re temporarily grounded – hope you’re ok x #wkendtravelinspiration

    • says

      Thanks Stephanie, I wouldn’t dare eat them either for fear of what might happen. As for me, it’s a medical issue which still isn’t resolved and they don’t want me to fly.

  2. says

    Well, I’m no fan of mushrooms and never eat them, so I’m not worried about getting poisoned. They look lovely though. I imagine gnomes living under them, or fairies using them as a table.

  3. says

    Very interesting Rhonda. I’ve never seen colourful mushrooms before. I agree, I would probably love to eat them but wouldn’t because of fear of sickness or even death unless I’m given the OK from the professionals. I hope that you are doing better. I know what it’s like. I’ve been down myself for last 4 months. Just now I’m starting to feel better. Thank goodness because summer is here. Get well. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. says

    Hi Rhonda … they are beautiful, but I’d not eat them! Wonderful to see and then learn about them .. the Jaggers Bush looks a delight to visit and hike in .. cheers Hilary

  5. says

    I love colourful mushrooms. We see a lot hiking in the U.S., not so many at home. I particularly like the ones which grow on trees and can never work out why one particular tree attracts them when all the others are fungi-free. I’m also a big fan of mushrooms to eat, but would never try one that didn’t come from a shop!

  6. says

    I love mushrooms, Rhonda, but the colorful ones are all poisonous. I’d rather see the good ones and be able to eat them. Thanks for joining The Weekly Postcard this week.

  7. says

    This is the first time I have seen colourful mushrooms like this before they are very pretty ain’t they and would liven up a nice stroganoff LOL 🙂

    Have a tanfastic weekend Rhonda 🙂

  8. says

    I saw one similar at McLaren Falls last week, pretty sure it’s a poisonous toadstool. Although deadly they sure are pretty 🙂

  9. says

    I’ve never seen such big mushrooms before, they’re beautiful! I love eating mushrooms, but they always come from the supermarket, so I know they’re safe, haha.

  10. says

    How very interesting! so colourful and huge! I do love mushrooms but would be scared to try these. Hiking in Jaggers Bush Reserve sounds fun, maybe we will give it a go soon!

    • says

      Jaggers Bush isn’t really a destination, its more of a place we came upon as I was doing photos at an event at the Scout Hall on Meola street and the trail started across the street. If you are visiting here in Auckland, there are far more interesting parks and hikes, in my opinion. If you are nearby, it will take you about 20 minutes to walk from end to end, just be sure to watch the ground for the mushrooms.

  11. says

    As I read your post, I was thinking about how those mushrooms have got to be poisonous. Colorful frogs will kill you if you come in contact with them, and I bet these are the same way if eaten.

  12. eileen g says

    You expect the Cheshire Cat or that funky caterpillar to pop up on these mushrooms! I think the brightly colored ones are usually the dangerous ones; isn’t that conventionally wisdom? At least you can enjoy your photos if not the actual mushrooms.

    • says

      Thanks Diane. My new mirrorless camera makes it a bit easier to get down low. I wouldn’t try one in the wild either, but I do wonder about such things.

  13. says

    Rhonda, I love mushrooms, love walking. But, I will not pick mushrooms and eat them. I’ll buy them from a store, thank you. I’m just not that much of a risk-taker. Love the photos!

    Yay Team #wkendtravelinspiration!

  14. says

    so pretty! i love seeing colors jump out of the brown on a hike! i really want to travel in the next five years or so – then my kids should be close to graduating college and on their own… ha! but seriously, NZ is so on my list – even your close adventures are worth it!

  15. Lisa Ross says

    We see a lot around here too especially on my walks in the neighbourhood. Love them. I almost expect to see faries or something magical

      • Lisa Ross says

        I won’t! But I have to admit I’d like to try “magic mushrooms” Not that I’m depressed but it pretty much cures depression.

  16. says

    Those mushrooms are awesome! I love how colorful and whimsical they look. I almost expect little fairies to be hiding underneath them. It’s always great to explore one’s neighborhood and find gems like these,

  17. Johnnie b says

    They are Armatia Muscaria, or commonly called Fly Argaic, a toadstool. They are classified as poisonous, but some cultures eat them in a medicinal context after extreme boiling. I think in Siberia. They are great to look at, but like all fungi, if unsure leave them alone as consequences can be serve. They are not native to the Southern Hemisphere. I usually see them near pine trees.

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