Sarah’s Snapshots – The School Spring Party

The start of spring in Argentina is often marked with a celebration, as well as Día del Estudiante or National Student Day. At my school, we celebrated with a small spring party with costumes. Unlike New Zealand, in Argentinian school everyone stays in the same class and have the same classmates and classroom throughout the year. Each class picked a theme for their costumes and decorations for the spring party, ranging from horror movies to cartoons.

Harry Potter costumer in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

One of my friends from the year above came to the spring party as Harry Potter, complete with wand and the golden snitch.

Classroom wall on dress-up day. Their theme was horror movies. Taken in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

One of the classrooms’ walls during setup. After they had finished up this particular room brought in a fog machine, turned off the lights, and set up some torches and a screaming girl for anyone who came to see what they had done.

Line of cakes waiting to be judged at the school spring party in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah 2016

Some of the themed cakes. The one at the very end that is partially blocked (it looks like brains) won the competition. Obviously afterwards, we all got to eat our cakes.

The Grim from Cartoon Network's The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - taken in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

One of my friends costuming as the Grim from Cartoon Network’s The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. She works at a repair shop, and her scythe is handmade and very impressive.

School students wearing costumes based on The Purge, taken in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

Outside The Purge-themed classroom. They ended up winning the costume and dancing competitions.

Harry Potter-themed classroom in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

Inside the Harry Potter-themed classroom. Obviously, this was my favourite of the rooms for the spring party. Afterwards, during cleanup, the kids said they were going to throw out a lot of the decorations so a friend and I took some of them home.

Paper hanging vine decortation in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

A hanging decoration from a Peter Pan-themed classroom. The quality of the decorations ranged in every room, but overall a lot of work and creativity was put into each idea.

Horror films costumes in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

One of the quinto (or final year) classes posing. Their theme was horror films. Horror films are very popular here, and there were at least four classes with different variations of this for the spring party.

Classroom nameboard in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

One of the girls in my class made this to put on our classroom door. This is very common to do with the final year classrooms (we’re a year below). My name is in blue near the top left. Here in Argentina, my name is spelt one of three ways depending on the person: Sarah, Sara, or Sarha.

Zombie apocalypse-themed room in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

One of the horror-themed rooms. This one was a zombie apocalypse, and it is unsure if they brought in the rubble from outside or just destroyed part of the walls.

School dance competition in Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

One of the dancers during the dance competition. The group before her had used a fog machine, which I thought made a really cool effect.

I am currently over seven months into my AFS student exchange. Spring has started, and it’s getting hotter every day. Recently, we started cleaning the pool so I should soon be able to start swimming again. Last month, I competed in my first Taekwondo competition. I am really proud that I won one of the sections. My school is going very well, and my Spanish has improved an incredible amount since I arrived here.

Would your school have a spring party?

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  1. says

    Some interesting pics you have there! Congratulations on the Taekwondo win. I would love to be able to speak Spanish but the only Spanish phrase I know is ‘Lo siento, yo no hablo español’ 🙂

  2. says

    Hi Sarah,

    Way cool photos. And neat how kids stay in the same classroom in La Argentina. Versus changing things up as we do in the States. Halloween seems in full spring around the world. I saw stuff from costumes to decorations in mid September in NJ. Crazy. Early prep work for this festive holiday. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Sarah E. Albom says

      Everyone moves around in New Zealand as well. It’s been really cool to stay in one class though. They don’t change between years either, so most of the kids in my class have been in the same classrooms since kindergarden. It means all of the kids are really close – it’s like a giant family.

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      It doesn’t exist in New Zealand. I’m not entirely sure if it happens in all of Argentina either, because I’ve talked with some exchange students here and some of their schools never did it.

  3. says

    Oh my god your school sounds so awesome – I wish I’d gone somewhere like that when I was younger! Argentina is definitely on the list – what an interesting country with so much culture! You make me jealous for sure!

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      Horror films are really popular here, as well as being quite easy to have a variety (add fangs and a zombie becomes a vampire, etc.) so there were a lot of horror-themed rooms. But there were others about Cartoons, Alice in Wonderland, Disney, and even cows 🙂

  4. says

    How fun!! What a great celebration with all the costumes. Looks like you are all ready for Halloween 🙂 Good for you for winning Taekwondo competitions and improved Spanish. Enjoy yourself and make the sure to savor the experience.

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      Argentina has some really cool traditions like this. It was a super fun day, and I liked seeing all the planning and effort that went into each classroom.

  5. says

    Oh wow looks like so much fun. I love parties but my school never had any – well, except a Christmas party. The costumes look awesome too esp your friend’s Harry Potter one.

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      It was the first time I’d been to a school party so it was a cool experience. The Harry Potter themed class was my favourite by far.

  6. says

    Glad to hear you’re having a great time on your exchange in Argentina Sarah 🙂 And congrats on placing in your first Taekwondo competition! The horror themed rooms from the school look straight out of a film … your friends did a really good job!!!

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      Thank you Megan! I’m having an amazing time. All of the horror rooms were extremely well done, it was very impressive!

  7. says

    Hi Sara – the school is serving you well – they do so much … what a fun way to be creative and to learn … but I sure hope the rubble came from outside!! Love seeing all the photos … oh and the cakes! Exactly make use of left-over decorations … Christmas is coming …

    Take care – wonderful to know things are going so well … cheers Hilary

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      A small part of the reason that I picked to go to Argentina was because it’s the same hemisphere as New Zealand. It was a really fun day.

  8. says

    Sounds like an incredible exchange experience that you have there. Studying abroad is such a beneficial thing to do isn’t it? Looks like quite a party! So much effort for a school party I have rarely seen.

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      It’s been absolutely amazing so far. Almost all the set up was done by the students. I was really impressed by the amount of time put into the day.

  9. says

    This is such a cool idea, I wish my school had done it! What did you dress up as? Also I’m so glad your Spanish is coming along, it’s a beautiful language!

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      My class’s theme was the movie Wreck It Ralph – I went as King Candy. But we were pretty casual in contrast to some of the other classes so we didn’t have very interesting photos 🙂

  10. says

    I would’ve loved that! I would have gone as Brandon Lee in the Crow. (I’ve used that costume twice and dressed one of our foster daughters once.)

    The horror-themed room is creepy. It looks like one of the images I’ve pinned on Pnterest.

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      The horror-themed rooms were really well done. And yeah, I love horror costuming. One time I needed a cursed teddy bear and I had a lot of fun making it.

  11. says

    Oh wow this is really cool. I visit Argentina occasionally and never knew about this as I never really get to visit any schools. I’ll ask the girls I work with about it!

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      It’s awesome that you visit here. Where abouts normally? I’m not sure if it happens in all schools or just in my area because I talked with a few other exchange students and they never had it.

    • Sarah E. Albom says

      Haha, if you’re in the UK you’re going to have a very long time to wait indeed! I was talking with someone from Spain the other day and it was very interesting to hear the differences in our accents.

  12. says

    It’s so interesting it is fall there and harvest/Halloween season in the USA, I love how things get turned around differently in the hemispheres and how everything is celebrated the same or differently.

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