Sarah’s Snapshots – Buenos Aires in Argentina

Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, is a bustling city with new, interesting things to do at every turn. It has about 3 million people, while the province contains over 60% of Argentina’s population. I was able to visit Buenos Aires for a few days as part of a trip for my AFS student exchange, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! We were really lucky to get some beautiful, sunny days in an otherwise rainy week and it wasn’t overwhelmingly hot yet. As I went with my exchange program, I got to meet some other exchange students from around the country and after only a week together we became close.

La Casa Rosada, an iconic government house in Argentina.Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

La Casa Rosada, or the Pink House, is a government house and one of the most famous buildings in the city.

Old map of South America in a second-hand bookstore in Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

An old map inside a second-hand bookstore that an exchange student and I found while wandering. We stayed a while browsing, but in the end, I didn’t buy anything.

Boulevard Florida in Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

Boulevard Florida in the morning. We stayed in a hotel not far from here and came back many times to buy souvenirs, food, and to watch the street performers (which included tango dancers. Obviously, every time we saw them I didn’t have my camera on me).

Bon o bons, a round sweet, in a sweet shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

A bin of bon o bons I saw in a shop. This is my favourite type of sweet here and I’ve already eaten countless while on my exchange.

Argentinian alleyway in Buenos Aires. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

A covered sidewalk. Buenos Aires is full of cool photo-worthy spots like this.

Passionfruit flower in Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

A passionfruit flower at the side of the road.

Catedral metropolitana, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

Inside the Catedral Metropolitana, the main Catholic church in Argentina. The majority of Argentina is Catholic, and its influence on art and culture can be found everywhere.

The Argentinian Flag flying over La Casa Rosada in Argentina.Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

The Argentinian flag flying near La Casa Rosada.

The Obelisk in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

The Obelisk, an iconic Buenos Aires monument that was built to commemorate the fourth centenary of the first foundation of the city. If you follow the road, you will end up in Plaza de Mayo and ultimately La Casa Rosada.

I’ve now been in Argentina for more than 9 1/2 months and I’m loving every second. It truly feels like home to me, from a wonderful family that matches my crazy to some very close friends. The school year recently ended and I’ve had some more spare time to do activities and get to know Argentina even better.

Do you want to visit Buenos Aires?

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  1. says

    Hi Sarah – I’d love to visit and you’ve enticed me even more. What a wonderful experience you are having. It’s great you’re learning so much … bet the map was expensive – but worth looking for once home perhaps .. a collection of explorative maps … not sure what you’re going to do without your bon o bons once you get home?! The passion flower is just stunning … enjoy all you can … cheers Hilary

  2. says

    Such beautiful and professional shots, Sarah! I’m impressed by how clean everything looks. I’ve never seen anything like that passionfruit flower. It almost looks like a cartoon! lol

  3. says

    This has been a wonderful opportunity for you, even though you’d already seen a lot of the world. Touring is not the same as actually living somewhere. This will always be part of you. You will also have quite a photo collection. I’ll bet you will have mixed feelings when it’s time to return home.

  4. Stefanie says

    WOW – one amazing photo after another – I would say I love the close-up shots the best, but your scenic shots are truly beautiful, too. You have such an amazing eye and way of capturing things “on film”! Thanks for sharing these!

  5. says

    Your beautiful pictures reminded me about Buenos Aires. It’s been over 10 years since we’ve been there and I still can’t get over this great city. I’d love to go back for more. It’s a great opportunity to live there for a while.

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