I Drank from the Fountain of Youth ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

The fountain of youth – myth or reality? According to folklore and our extremely youthful looking Norwegian guide, Tvindefossen Falls is it. Located somewhere between Flaam and Voss in Norway, we stopped, climbed and drank, using our hands to cup the water. Did it work? Maybe yes, maybe it’s just silly, but either way, it was one impressive waterfall.

Fountain for the letter F:

Tvindefossen Falls, the Fountain of Youth, near Voss Norway

Our first look at Tvindefossen Falls, the Fountain of Youth, near Voss Norway

Tvindefossen Falls, the Fountain of Youth, near Voss Norway

A closer look at Tvindefossen Falls, the Fountain of Youth, near Voss Norway

Climbing Tvindefossen Falls, the Fountain of Youth, near Voss Norway

My teen (green pants) can’t wait any longer to drink from the Fountain of Youth. Hubby and our tween could wait for one more photo.

The more popular legend of this magical fountain gained popularity in the 16th century. It is said that  the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, first Governor of Puerto Rico, was actually searching for the fountain that could restore youth to anyone when he discovered what is now Florida in 1513. Is this another myth, or a reality? Either way, he never found it. Maybe that’s because he should have been looking in Norway.

Have you drank from the Fountain of Youth? Would you climb up and drink from a waterfall for the chance it works? Are you participating in the AtoZ Challenge 2014?

AtoZ blogging Challenge

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    • Rhonda Albom says

      And it was crystal clear waters. Thinking back, it’s unusual I would drink for nature without purifying the water first.

  1. says

    All this time I thought the Fountain of Youth was in Florida! I would have enjoyed seeing the falls, but don’t know if I would have made that climb. It’s beautiful, but knowing me I would have slipped and broken my neck.

    • Rhonda Albom says

      LOL – My mother-in-law lives in Florida. We have been many times, I can’t believe I didn’t know they claim to have the Fountain of Youth. I will have to drink from there too. Just in case it’s the correct one 🙂

    • Rhonda Albom says

      It’s far from Brisbane, I know because Brisbane was our first stop on the way. Of course we went the long way, taking about 3 months before we got to Norway.

  2. Chris says

    More amazing pictures! I’m so jealous that you went to Norway. I’ve never been, but my best friend and in-laws have (for very different reasons). Drinking from the Fountain of Youth is something that I’d probably scoff at from home, like “I’m not going to climb a mountain just to drink a handful of water.” But then I’d get there and see everyone else doing it and think ‘I’m sooo going up there!” When in Rome, ya know? 🙂

  3. says

    Aaaaaa – Rhonda – you made my day today !! Taking me back home to my motherland:-) Of course I loved every single word of your post and the pictures are so great (see u were lucky with the weather too, thats awesome..:-) See you have a post on my hometown Bergen too – will pop over to that one…

    PS: The fountain of youth – OF COURSE it works – Of course!!:-) 🙂 He he


    • Rhonda Albom says

      What a beautiful homeland. Have you been to these falls? So expensive though, like New Zealand where I am now. It’s hard to come home after traveling for less money than living at home.

  4. says

    Thanks Rhonda Albom! Love your photos & travel insiprations. I have been to Bergen once. Hopefully in the future, we will also travel to other parts of Norway, including Tvindefossen Fall – to drink the fountain of youth water, with our baby Ren. Do you have favorite destinations for traveling with toddlers / young children to recommend?

    Best wishes
    #AtoZChallenge 2014 participant

    • Rhonda Albom says

      Bergen is a beautiful city. It’s been a long time since my girls were toddlers and I think they liked anywhere that allowed them to be kids. Before they reached the age of five I think we only traveled in North America, Caribbean, and the South Pacific. My favorites with Toddlers – city: Toronto; tourist destination: Legoland near San Diego; and resort Island: Fiji. We traveled and moved to New Zealand when they were 3 and 5 and they have always loved it here.

  5. says

    Hi Rhonda .. incredible waterfalls – especially the 2nd one with that mass of water pouring over .. I’d love to visit Scandinavia sometime .. you wouldn’t want to wait to drink from the Fountain of Youth would you .. sadly I think my youth as wandered off! Beautiful shots .. cheers Hilary

    • Rhonda Albom says

      I agree Hilary, although I wouldn’t want to try and drink from the second one for fear of being pulled away by the water.

  6. says

    Beautiful pictures! There are so many places in Norway I haven’t seen yet, and I live here!!!!??? The best way of getting tips for your Norway holiday (even as a Norwegian) is to read what other tourists say, especially read what bloggers say. You get some great tips from travelling books but people who write about their travels see it in a different way 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Rhonda Albom says

      Norway is stunning and expensive. It’s one of the most expensive places we have been (I think Moscow tops our personal list).

    • Rhonda Albom says

      LOL – Our guide said we only needed a sip. Maybe that was my mistake, I should have had gallons. Next time I will travel with you. 🙂

    • Rhonda Albom says

      We only had about 15 minutes on the second one, as it was a train stop, just to see the falls and take photos.

    • Rhonda Albom says

      Thanks. I debated whether to include it since it wasn’t really part of my “F” post, but it’s so “fabulous” I figured it would be ok.

  7. says

    Those are beautiful falls. I like how it just keeps splitting into smaller falls as it makes its way down. I think I’d drink from these falls but my hubby would be convinced he’d get some sort of illness from it. I would love to visit Norway sometime.

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