Celebrating the Changing Tides of Okoromai Bay, Auckland New Zealand

Celebrate the small thingsLiving on a tidal bay means that my world is full of changing tides and changing scenes, yet always amazing. Today I am Celebrating the Small Things with Viklit of Scibblings of an Aspiring Author. My celebrations:

  • Celebrating the daily tidal flow, and the amazing summer opportunities it brings.
  • New friends, old friends and everyone I spent time with this week.
  • Photographic opportunities which have suddenly appeared as I became open to them.
  • A new writer’s group starting up tomorrow.

Okoromai Bay at Low Tide

Changing Tides of Okoromai Bay

Girls gathering cockles (a New Zealand clam) for lunch at low tide

The bird lifting the eel out of the water that I posted on Wed. was also shot in Okoromai Bay at low tide. The Changing Tides of Okoromai Bay of massive.

Okoromai Bay at High Tide

Changing tides of Okoromai Bay

Kayaking on Okoromai Bay at high tide

changing tides of Okoromai Bay

Another view of Okoromai Bay at high tide. If you look closely you can see the girls on the kayaks, near the center of the photo, closer to the cliffs.

One more thing I am celebrating, or not, depending on the given moment, is my list of things to do. I am celebrating it on the days it gets shorter, whilst I roll my eyes at it as it seems to be getting longer.  It causes me stress when I miss deadlines – fortunately it doesn’t happen too often, as most of the things on the list are open ended.  One missed, but not forgotten is the Insecure Writer’s Support Group hosted by one of the most giving people I have met, ninja captain Alex J. Cavanaugh.

IWSGSo, to Alex, my apologies for missing IWSG this month. If I hadn’t missed it I would have posted something like:

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions as I find them to be a set up for failure. However, I do have goals for 2014 and one is to spend dedicated time on writing and photography.  I am one of the over 40,00o winners in NaNoWriMo 2013 and I thought this was a good opportunity to share what I learned. The reason for my success was two fold:

  1.  I had a goal, a deadline and a schedule to succeed with dedicated time and daily goals. I wrote every day in November. Since then, I noticed writing fell on my to-do list to “after everything else is done,” which explains 50,000 words in November, 9000 words in December.
  2. I had support and a system that everyone in the family understood. I have a writing hat. If the hat is down, I am not to be disturbed. I got the idea from Meet the Parents, where the hat means do not disturb (only for different reasons!)

What are you celebrating today? Do you prefer to overlook bays with changing tides, or water all the time? Are you in summer or winter right now?

Please let me know if you are participating in either of these blog hops (Celebrating Small Things or Insecure Writer’s Support Group) and I will be sure to visit.

Seagull Trying to Pick Up an Eel on an Auckland Beach
Sheep on the Wrong Side of the Fence in New Zealand


  1. says

    Rhonda, you live in a gorgeous Country! I also don’t like new year resolutions, however, I’ve recently set goals which I felt I could handle. You’re lucky to have such a support system, and good luck on concentrating more time on your photography and writing.

    • Rhonda Albom says

      Thanks Cathrina, I think the secret to the support system was my setting the parameters of do not disturb time.

    • Rhonda Albom says

      LOL – I know. Since I was so late I was trying to be funny – I know my humor failed today as my sister told me.

  2. says

    So gorgeous! I lived in New Zealand for a year when I was four…so of course I remember things like my room and our swimming pool, but not a whole lot of the absolutely beautiful country! I really want to take my husband there someday.

    Wonderful things to celebrate. From up in the cold winter of Canada (although it’s actually 5 degrees and raining right now), I hope you are having a lovely time by the Bay!

    • Rhonda Albom says

      I hope you do get here someday, it is stunning. I doubt you would have appreciated it at 4, which is why the swimming pool sticks in your mind.

  3. says

    I love the hat idea and you are spot on about resolutions. You do set yourself up for failure. Not worth it. Goals are much better.

    As for the Feline Friday cat. I’ve not a clue if it was photoshopped our not. It’s anyone’s guess.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  4. says

    Hi Rhonda .. loved the photos of your 2013 – all such great memories of time with friends and family .. isn’t he a herring gull playing with the eel – good catch I’d say .. better than scavenging for a McDonalds on the streets of Auckland!

    Gosh the lazy hazy days of summer .. we’re on the way – but I must enjoy these dark days – wet they may be, but cold they aren’t! Happy times in 2014 .. Hilary

  5. says

    I’m celebrating warm socks, NFL playoffs and stuffed shells for dinner.

    I prefer the tidal bays – with three girls, calm waters tell me something is probably about to happen. Something bad.

    It’s winter here … but we had thunderstorms this morning and a crazy yellow tint to the sky right now.

    • Rhonda Albom says

      I wear 2-3 pair of socks in the winter, but I am happy to be enjoying summer again. We spent most of our winter in the states, enjoying your summer too.

  6. says

    I’m with you, I participated in NaNo in 2012 and having that goal and deadline worked really well for me. I’ve learned that I work best under pressure and with a deadline, so I’m working on establishing goals and deadlines for myself when it comes to my writing this year.

    As always, your photos are stunning! Good luck with both your writing and photography goals.

  7. says

    Oh how lovely it must be wonderful living there, I don’t do resolutions either for me it’s totally pointless LOL.

    I wish you all the very best for your 2014 goals Rhonda 🙂

  8. says

    great celebrations! i forget that you are in summer while we are in the doldrums of winter… it’ll come back around!
    and yay for a new writing group and your nano win – i like the writing hat idea! but my boys would ignore it. i’d have to wear a sign. well they’d probably ignore that too. i just go hide! ha ha

    happy monday!

  9. Elise Fallson says

    I feel the same way about New Year resolutions and I don’t make them anymore. But congrats on all that writing in November, that’s awesome. The down time in December is normal and I think a lot of folks ease up after NaNo. And excellent idea with the writing hat and thanks for sharing the pics of Okoromai Bay. (:

  10. says

    You do have a lot to celebrate =) There’s something magical about new photograph opportunities. And don’t worry about your word count. I think we all struggled to meet goals with the holiday madness surrounding us. I wish you lots of luck with your goals going forward. You can do it =)

  11. says

    Great pictures of high vs low tide. I think it is fascinating how much the tides change how the water and surrounding scenery looks. I was hoping to catch up with you last week and have you meet Scott. We were in Gulf Harbour very briefly last week to hit the marine store there but by the time we got through with everything, we didn’t have enough time for a visit. Hoping to catch you next time we’re up and we have more time there. Cheers – Ellen

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