An Unusual Cemetery in Comillas in Northern Spain

Cemetery of Comillas, Cantabria, Spain

Comillas is one of many small townships we visited as we travelled across northern Spain from La Coruña to Lourdes, France. Located in the autonomous community of Cantabria, Comillas is a charming and beautiful town most noted for its cemetery, old university, palace, monuments, and Gaudi’s summer home. We visited here about 3 years ago, yet the photos […]

Colorful Sunflowers – Photos from Spain – In Memory of Tina

Field of Sunflowers in Pals, Costa Brava, Spain

Standing alongside other bloggers, like a field of sunflowers looking up towards the sky, we say goodbye to a friend. Today we share sunflowers in memory of Tina Downey, an on-line friend who left this world far too soon. Tina loved sunflowers, so in her honor is a splash of yellow. The flowers you see […]

España – Our Long Term Home Exchange in Palamós Spain ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

A street in Palamos Spain

It took us only a week from first contact to agree upon a long term home exchange in España (Spain),  swapping our New Zealand home for a 17th century stone house in an old neighborhood in Palamós, in the Catalan region of Spain.  Trading the Hauraki Gulf for the Mediterranean Sea, how could we pass it up? […]

Aqueduct of Segovia Spain – A 2000 Year Old Roman Masterpiece ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Aqueduct of Segovia Spain is 16,220 meters in length and 28 meters tall

The aqueduct of Segovia is an engineering feat of the Roman Empire, built about 50 A.D. Twenty-eight meters tall and stretching 16,220 meters in length it is awe-inducing – but not simply due to size. It is held together solely by natural forces, with the unmortared granite bricks staying in place based on an innovative balancing technique. A symbol of Segovia, […]

La Mezquita – Cathedral of Córdoba – A Must See in Spain

La Mezquita Cordoba

La Mezquita, also known as the Mosque – Cathedral of Córdoba is one of the most stunning buildings I have ever had the privilege to photograph. Located in southern Spain, in the town of Córdoba, it’s a must-see destination for travelers through the central or southern portion of the country. Its old, built even before the earliest […]

Travel Photography Tips: Imagination Let’s You Fly (#AtoZ)

Imagination lets you fly

Imagination Let’s You Fly.  Really it does. Here’s proof: Imagination Let’s You Fly So, are my children flying? Are they on Magic broomsticks? Can you hear me say “up” as the broomstick rose to my hand? Did my teen flap her arms just enough times to actually leave the ground? I don’t think so – […]

Copping a Feel – When Life Emulates Art

Melissa albom

Copping a feel is one funny photo, possibly the funniest of our travels around the world.  The fact that I took it while travelling in Lugo Spain, is only relevant if you know the local artist. Emulating the art or . . .? Photo ©Rhonda Albom 2012. Who doing it?  It’s just my silly girls, […]

Gaudí in Barcelona, Another Free Tour, and Photos of a Great Day!

Guadi in Barcelona

In the world of art and architecture, Antoni Gaudí and Barcelona go hand in hand. I took photos of some of my favorite buildings in Barcelona by Gaudí during an amazing  Gaudí free city tour. Starting with the famous Sagrada Familia, here are some of my favorites: Gaudí in Barcelona After the tour we went into […]

A Free City Tour of Old Town Barcelona!


Old Town Barcelona  is fascinating and fun!  It is hard to believe we have been living in Spain for nearly 10 weeks, in Palamós, only 80km north of Barcelona and we haven’t visited this amazing city before now. The Mediterranean cruise we are scheduled on leaves out of Barcelona in just a few days, so this […]

More Fun in the Spanish Sun – Snorkeling and Diving in Palamós


More fun in the sun, a continuation from yesterday’s watersport photos adding snorkeling and SCUBA diving in Palamos to the mix of fun. The girls earned their open water certificates last year in Fiji.  Sarah wants to tell you about their diving in Palamós: Today Melissa and I went diving a little bit outside of the […]

A Week of Watersports in Costa Brava, Spain

boating 2

Time for some summer watersports fun!  Palamós, the town we are living in through our home exchange is a coastal community in Costa Brava Spain.  We decided to take a week of summer watersports. We rented a paddle boat in Palamós.  It was different than ones we had seen before as it had a slide, […]

Palamós Dancing in the Streets: Dance of Sardanas and Country

dance of sardanas1

One of the many great things about being in Palamós in the summer is the night life.  The town center is just as crowded at night as they are during the day, only the activity shifts from beach to the streets. There seems to be different activities each night, several of which revolve around dancing […]

Daily Fish Auction in Palamós for Restauranteurs and Tourists

Spain - Palamos Fish Market and Auction - 02

The fish market in Palamós is fast moving and fascinating, and the attached fish market. Each day the fishing boats leave port and return with their catch. Those bidding include the retail fish markets and local fish restaurants. Sarah explained the process: Today we went to see the fish auction in Palamós. How it works […]

No Birdwatchers or Backpackers Sign: What Does it Mean?

funny road sign barcelona

Take a look, is this a no backpackers sign, or is it banning birdwatching, photography, peeping-toms, short pants with knee socks? All I know is that when I saw this funny sign last night in Barcelona, I wondered. I am not sure why it was there, or what message it was supposed to be sending.  What […]

A Free City Tour in San Sebastian, Culture Capital of Europe 2016

San Sebastian Spain

The rain stopped just as we were approaching San Sebastian, the cultural capital of Europe (at least that is what they are claiming it will be in 2016). We had decided in the morning to skip this beach town as the weather was so poor, but it was clearing and we were passing through.  Imagine […]

The Guggenheim is the Highlight of Bilbao Spain

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

I instantly fell in love with most of the cities, towns and villages we have visited in Spain. Each seems to have it’s own charm, it’s own heart-beat. Generally I know as soon as we arrive, it is another special place. That didn’t happen when we arrive in Bilbao.  No particular reason.  After two nights […]

Penguins on the Peninsula of Magdalena in Santander Spain?

The Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander Spain

Santander is full of surprises.  It is another interesting city along the Cantabrian coast of Spain, and the office of Tourism in Santillana Del Mar recommended it as a fun place to visit with great surfing beaches. We were told by others it is popular among the Spanish, sort of a hidden gem with beaches equivalent […]

Horse Riding in Santillana Del Mar in Northern Spain

Santillana del Mar-Plaza Major

I am not a huge fan of horses, so it seemed like a perfect day for a bit of separation.  The girls rode off with Alberto, another 14 year old and saw the hills and beach around Santillana Del Mar.  Then they came back through the old town. Hubby and I saw the cafes in […]

We Saw 40,000 Year Old Cave Drawings in Northern Spain

cave art Altamira

Cave drawings and hand prints dating over 20,000 years ago lined the wall of Cuevo de la Castello (El Castello Cave).  Actually it was just last month that more accurate dating determined that one of the markings was nearly 40,000 years old. This cave is the one you have been reading about, if you follow […]

Planetarium, Science Museum and Baby Chicks in La Coruña, Spain

Family heat photo

On our last day in La Coruña, we visited the Planetarium and Science Museum.  As it was only a few blocks from our home exchange house, it had been easy to “save for tomorrow” everyday. Like so many places in La Coruna, very little was in English. However, with the large number of interactive exhibits, and […]

Eating Octopus at a Street Fair In La Coruña, Spain

eating octopus

I never thought I would be eating octopus for dinner. We stumbled upon a festival as we were walking along the waterfront in La Coruna.  While my conversational ability in “Spanish” is certainly acceptable, my ability to speak anywhere in the Galicia region is non-existent which is why I never learned the name of this […]

Lugo Spain: The City with the World’s Only Intact Roman Wall

Lugo Spain

What makes the city of Lugo in Spain so unique?  It is the only city in the world to be surrounded by a completely intact Roman wall. We took a walk along that wall, viewed the city from above and also walked within the city. After that, we had a bit of fun in Lugo, […]

Beautiful La Coruña Beach on the Northwest Corner of Spain

La coruna beach

Two weeks in La Coruña, and we are enjoying our relaxation, especially our nearly daily visit to an La Coruña beach. There are several lovely beaches within a few minutes walk from our home exchange house. Sarah, our tween, wants to tell you all about our first La Coruña beach visit: “Today we went swimming […]

Funny Photos from La Coruña in Spain

Funny Photos

Two weeks in north west Spain and we walked away with several funny photos from La Coruña. It’s easy with the local artwork, funny carvings and my silly girls. La Coruña is home to our second of two home exchanges in Spain, as we travel around the world: All photos on this page © Rhonda Albom […]

Medieval Fair In Old Town La Coruña, Spain

A Coruna Medieval Fair

A Medieval Fair in  the medieval section of La Coruña and a free tour. It was a great day. First the tour, which we had signed up for only a few days earlier. The tour started in Plaza Maria Pita, a main plaza which houses the town hall: We arrived at our multilingual tour to find we are the […]