Volubilis is an Ancient Roman City in Morocco, Northern Africa

The ancient city Volubilis exceeded our expectations. Situated in Northern Africa, it is part of the vast Roman Empire, yet somewhat different than other ruins we have seen as it blends the Roman and indigenous cultures. An UNESCO World Heritage site, Volubilis is often considered to be the best-preserved archeological site in Morocco.  Located near Meknes (between Fes and Rabat) it is worth a visit.

The Romans left Volubilis in the third century and an earthquake destroyed much of it in later years, yet the ruins of are filled with hidden surprises. I think the mosaics are my favorite, but the place is filled with amazing columns, archways, stone walls and even ancient toilets.

Volubilis is best seen with a guide who can highlight the details and historical significances. We opted to hire a guide outside before entering.  We also opted to take a taxi from Meknes, where we were staying. Hubby carefully negotiated a price for the return trip and the waiting time, including a stop in Moulay Idriss on the way back.

Here are some of my favorite shots of our visit, and for a change, the family is in almost all of them, thanks to our guide:

Victory Arch in the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, Morocco

Victory Arch

Spectacular floor mosaics in the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, Morocco

Floor mosaics that survived the earthquakes

Basilica at Volubilis, ancient Roman city in Morocco

Basilica in the ancient Roman city in Morocco

Intricately carved columns are seen though out the ancient city of Volubilis

Intricately carved columns are seen throughout the ancient city.


The ancient city of Volubilis in Morocco

Practical Information:

  • Volubilis is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • If you opt to get a driver or a guide, remember to negotiate the price for both the trip there and the return trip, waiting time, and anything you want to include before you start out.
  • We used the Lonely Planet Morocco book on our Kindle while we traveled.
  • You can read more at Wikipedia.

Did you know the Roman Empire entered Africa?  Have you been to Volubilis Morocco?

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The ancient Roman city of Volubilis outside of Meknes, Morocco, is an interesting and fun place to explore. For more information, visit the blog

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