The Monkey God at Batu Caves, Malaysia

Hunaman the Monkey God

monkey god

Photo ©Rhonda Albom 2012

I know this is supposed to be a wordless post (for Wordless Wednesday), however I thought you would want to know something about the Monkey God.

Larger than life, this huge statue of Hunaman, the Monkey God, seemed a bit of a surprise at the far end of the Batu Caves temple complex, located outside Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The Monkey God towers above the entrance to a temple dedicated to his worship. Batu Caves contain natural beauty (discovered only after climbing the 272 steps to the entrance), Hindu temples and wild baboons, thus making it a wonderful site for families and photographers. I wrote more about it on the day we visited back in April 2012.

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    • Rhonda Albom says

      Phew, I wasn’t sure if I should do the description as it is “wordless” wed, so I am glad it was appreciated.

    • Rhonda Albom says

      I tried to look up his height on-line, but couldn’t find it as he is not the primary statue at Batu Caves. But he is huge!

    • Rhonda Albom says

      LOL – you always make me laugh. Thanks Tara, I will give that some consideration. (not really but thanks for the laugh)

    • Rhonda Albom says

      Batu Caves were pretty interesting, as were other places in Malaysia. You can search the blog for Malaysia to see all my posts.

  1. Anonymous says

    Monkeys were worshiped, but why? There was a tower in Southeast Asia dedicated to the monkey god. The out side of the tower was carved in what looked like hundreds of monkeys, and on the inside of the tower were statues of monkeys, I think they were wearing crowns. Search as I may, I can not find a photo of this most unusual of towers, not on the internet, or in any magazine or book, none of the encyclopedias that I have show nothing, or say nothing about this tower. Why? If anyone can tell me where I might see photos of this tower, and or explanations about this tower, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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