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  1. One of the powerful Monkey god there are so many Story About Hnuman in India, he is also a Hindu god hanuman Ji also very powerfull
    I’ii visit this place after 2 month thanks for share

  2. Don’t know, for me, even after almost 2 years in Asia, and some 6 months in Malaysia, Batu Caves still seems like kinda interesting place for KL. It’s very different from other sights in the city, and I really like Indian food you can get in the nearby restaurants.

    And, of course, monkeys. I’m not a big fan of them, but I like to take pictures of them 😀

  3. Thanks for introducing something in Kuala Lumpur because to me, it doesn’t have much to see in the area (as compared with other southeast asian countries). Actually as I know there are still some temples and historic sites in KL that worth a visit. 😉 keep them coming! @ knycx.journeying

  4. I’ve also heard that Batu Caves is a bit of a tourist trap, but it looks quite incredible from your shots. Haha yes, long-tailed macaques are cute but they’re devious and mischievous!! We came across a number in Singapore 🙂

    • We found it interesting. I wonder if we would view it differently if we went today, as we visited during the first week our around the world adventure, and our first week in Asia.

  5. Monkeys seem to weigh in with their ubiquitous presence in most places of South-East Asia. You seem to find them everywhere in hordes. Especially in tourist places where they have avenues for getting food. But may times they are of nuisance value as they have the capability to disrupt things. The statue of Lord Muruga looks magnificent. It is a pity that the surroundings are not up to the mark and the odour around the caves is overpowering.

    • I think the odour goes along with the monkeys, it is part of them being a nuisance. We are careful not to have any food on us when we visit sites with monkeys. So far the worst we have encountered was a monkey jumping up and biting the end of our towel on a rainy day in Ubud.

  6. Batu caves look worth visiting from your photos, and monkeys are a part of the experience! Thanks for this detailed guide including the practical information and tips. I would be visiting Malaysia soon and I think I’ll visit this now!

  7. I always see this big statue on the website, and I was wondering how wonderful it is to pay there a visit. Thanks for affirming my belief!

  8. I was shocked about the monkeys when I went there last year. I don’t know why I was expecting them to be like the rather docile monkeys I saw at the Awajishima Monkey Center in Japan – – but they were much more active and aggressive, although not as much as the monkeys on Monkey Island in Vietnam.

    I couldn’t capture them on camera because they were too fast for my camera…I really need to invest in a high quality camera. You got some great shots! 😀

  9. These caves look very impressive. I have never seen any wild monkeys in their own habitat. The look really cute, but I know they are very naughty and can become quite bothersome. I think it’s time we start visiting Asia.

  10. Oh my, what a place! I can see why your senses were immediately overwhelmed. I did get to hold a monkey once, but the monkey was from a TV show, so it wasn’t quite the same as your experience! I was thrilled, though. I’m an animal lover 🙂

  11. You certainly are brave to ignore the smell and press on. Thank you for posting these interesting photographs. I will probably never get a chance to go there. You are an adventurer extraordinaire.

  12. Rhonda, I don’t know if I’ve seen these kinds of monkeys before. All I can say is I’ve seen monkeys in a zoo and I have no clue what kind they are. Oh, I’m glad y’all went ahead to explore the cave – very cool! As open as that appears I’d still be a big scaredy Cathy to go in it. I don’t like the idea of being underground. Those monkeys must follow you like a lost puppy or something, huh?

    • The monkeys are everywhere and so are the people. Some tourists feed them, and they got a lot of unwanted attention, sometimes scratched, or worse, plus the monkeys steal things. I wasn’t afraid of the cave, just intimidated by the stairs.

  13. I love the giant statues of the gods and the little palaces. Such impressive attention to detail. Considering the smell, I’m glad I have your pics to admire and don’t have to go there to see them!

  14. Great photography as always. I like the inside of the cave photo I think is beautiful and worth it 🙂
    I was gonna say you really write well and so engaging, then I noticed your affiliation.. this is an inspiration. thank you..

  15. Now here is a place I would love to visit. I know I never will, but I would surely love to explore all the wonders.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  16. Monkeys and bad smells would stop me but especially the steps. I would never be able to walk the steps. Maybe if they had an elevator or escalator, I might check the caves out. India doesn’t excite me at all. Was it a tourist trap?

    Have a wonderful day Rhonda. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  17. Your daughters’ are excellent photograhers! The cave looks amazing and you’re getting lots of exercise with all those steps! Glad you’re having fun, and I know you’ll enjoy China!

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