A Cow Parade and Other Interesting Sites in Perth Australia

Cow Parade in Perth, Western Australia

Perth was our port of disembarkation on our recent Royal Caribbean cruise, allowing us several days before we flew home. Our first time in Western Australia and of course we already want to return for a much more elaborate exploration of the region. We did have time for a city tour, a river cruise to Fremantle, a […]

Classic San Francisco Images

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Marin County, looking across to the city of San Francisco California

I couldn’t spend time in my favorite city without snapping a few classic San Francisco images.  My favorite is still a few years old, shot on our last visit: More classic San Francisco Images: A few of the classic San Francisco images that I already blogged about:  I know we missed a few, like Lombard Street and […]

IWSG: A New Perspective on Life and The World Grasped

The World Grasped by Terry Stringer in Auckland New Zealand (walk around it for a new perspective)

Sometimes I simply need a new perspective. Have a look at this statue entitled The World Grasped by Terry Stringer. It is one of many sculptures in the Newmarket neighborhood of Auckland (New Zealand): I have walked by it many times and always smiled back at the face. What I missed was looking at it […]

Interesting Newmarket Sculptures: More Auckland Art

"Silver" by Virginia King in Auckland, it is one of many Newmarket Sculptures

Newmarket is one of many Auckland city neighborhoods. It is often thought of as New Zealand’s premier retailing area. Like most of Auckland, it boasts an eclectic and interesting collection of city artwork. Walking down Broadway with my daughter, I couldn’t resist taking photos of these four Newmarket sculptures: Generally, I research an area before […]

A Maori Chief Statue in Auckland and a Bucket List

Maori Chief

This statue of a Maori Chief in a Kaitaka cloak by Molly Macalister was one of the many interesting artworks we saw on our guided Art Walk along the Auckland Waterfront over the weekend. Our guide explained that it was commissioned to be situated somewhere else, but it was moved as tourists expected to see […]

Bizarre Wellington Street Sculptures are Colorful Fun

The Waharoa of the Marea at Te Papa, Wellington New Zealand

Wellington is an exciting, eclectic mix of modern, traditional and cultural street art.  Melissa and I had a blast exploring the city and discovering so many interesting Wellington street sculptures. Often thought of as the soul of the city, colorful Cuba Street is a meeting place for friends, buskers, shoppers and diners.  We chose a […]

Walking Along the Wellington Waterfront, New Zealand

Boatshed on Wellington Waterfront

New Zealand’s capital city is the perfect place for a mom/teen getaway.  Of course we went shopping, ate some wonderful food and we also took a walk along the Wellington waterfront. Since it’s Wordless Wednesday, and I had my new street lens (20mm prime f/1.7) on my Olympus OM-D Em5. I am sharing the highlights […]

Larger Than Life Statues Around the World ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Larger than life statues in Singapore

Once again I am spoiled for choice.  Larger than life sculptures are everywhere.  Here are a few of my favorites, including a funny one at the end (click on any image for more details): Have you seen any of these larger than life statues? Which is your favorite? Are you participating in the AtoZ Challenge 2014? […]

Photos: The Army of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an China

Terracotta Warriors

Seeing the Army of the Terracotta Warriors was one of the highlights of our visit to China. This army of almost 6000 warrior statues was created during the Qin Dynasty (2000 years ago) and was accidentally discovered in Xi’an by a farmer in 1974 and opened to the public a few years later. The photos don’t […]

Visitng Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Caesars Palace

We had all seen Caesars Palace in the movies and on TV. It’s a Las Vegas icon, and beautiful in person as it appears in the films, it  was a fun place to visit. Although, we had to keep movingas we walked through much of the main level as teens and younger children are not to […]

Exploring the Sherwood Forest In Search of Robin Hood

sherwood forest

Did you know the Sherwood Forest really exists in the Nottinghamshire?  We had to stop there last year whist we were driving through England. There several fun statues greeting us as we headed from the parking lot to the Visitor’s Center (although, I think the building in the background of this photos is actually the […]

The National Mall – A Photo Journal of Washington DC Memorials

War Memorials6

A strange flood of emotions filled us as we toured the National Mall in Washington DC with a few family members. We are American expats, therefore the history is both personal and yet foreign. On top of that, we were not used to the heat.  Having left New Zealand’s winter and spent two weeks in […]

Seeing New York City Highlights in a Weekend

Freedom tower

Seeing the New York City highlights in a day is virtually impossible, but we gave it a try anyway. We actually had a few days, and spent yesterday in Central Park at the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once again, we got up, dressed, packed, checked out, put our […]

A Day In Vancouver – We Saw The Highlights

vancouver totem pole park

Today I fell in love and made it to second base. Not at the same time. First came the love – with Vancouver. As for getting to second base, that happened at the airport. It wasn’t even TSA, who has a reputation for feeling up female travelers. No, it was in Canada. I emptied my […]

Photo: The Monkey God at Batu Caves, Malaysia

monkey god

This larger than life statue of Hunaman, the Monkey God is located at Batu Caves, in Selangor, just outside of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Photo ©Rhonda Albom 2012 Larger than life, this huge statue of Hunaman seemed a bit of a surprise at the far end of the Batu Caves temple complex, located outside Malaysia’s capital city […]

Brussels Hightlights: Chocolate, Atomium, EU, Manneken-Pis


I think it is the chocolate that lured us to Belgium.  Without a plan, or a hotel room we found ourselves with only one day in Brussels, so we set out to hit the highlights. What can I say about a city whose most famous statue is a boy caught in eternal pee?  We had […]

Heidelberg Castle and Luxembourg City in a Day

Luxembourg-L. City view from  Bock Promotory - 04

I am pretty well convinced that some of our best days are those that are unplanned, like today’s visit to Luxembourg. We started the day with a hike to Heidelberg Castle and then intended to head north to take a few hour cruise on the Rhine river. The views of the ruins of the Heidelberg castle nestled […]

Salzburg Austria – Musical Home to Mozart and The Sound of Music

Salzburg Austria

Our final port on our Mediterranean cruise was Venice, from which we hired a car and drove to Salzburg Austria, home to both the Sound of Music and Mozart. This was a great choice. We found an affordable apartment and rested, as cruises tend to leave us needing a bit of recovery time. Now we […]

Florence In a Day: Uffizi, Duomo, and Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence Italy

This afternoon we were in Florence, Italy.  Like every other port we stopped in, we tried to cram the maximum into one day and this one was loaded as it started out climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  One thing we did have to decide in advance is which art museum to visit. There is […]

A Free City Tour in San Sebastian, Culture Capital of Europe 2016

San Sebastian Spain

The rain stopped just as we were approaching San Sebastian, the cultural capital of Europe (at least that is what they are claiming it will be in 2016). We had decided in the morning to skip this beach town as the weather was so poor, but it was clearing and we were passing through.  Imagine […]

Highlights of a Free Walking Tour of Madrid Spain

Photos of Madrid

Today, I fell in love with the sights and sounds of Madrid, Spain. We had a free walking tour of the city from Sandemans. We have toured withSandemans in several cities around the world (Dublin, London, and Barcelona). Unfortunately, our Madrid guide was not quite up to their high standards.  At least not the one we […]

Vigeland Sculpture Park – A Must See In Oslo Norway

naked statues

Vigeland Sculpture Park is a must see in Oslo, but for some reason I was surprised to find so many naked statues.  Not that I expect statues to be dressed, just not so many body parts hanging around one park. Vigeland Sculpture Park contains over 150 sculptures by the famed Norwegian sculpture Gustav Vigeland. His various […]

Moscow Metro as a Destination – Tips Before You Start

moscow metro statue

More than just an easy way to get around the city, the Moscow Metro is a destination in itself. Many of the stations were built in the soviet era. They are clean, loaded with art work and history and each one is different. Moscow Metro tours seem quite popular, but we opted to do it […]

Highlights of Moscow: Red Square, St. Basils, Seven Sisters, More

Red Square in Moscow, Russia

Moscow is one of those cities that I have always wanted to visit. I had great fantasies about intrigue and drama, Russian dancing and puppets, food and friendship. Honestly, I am not sure what I was really expecting, but Moscow did not disappoint. After two rest days Dubai, we are ready for Russia.  We know Moscow is […]

Wild Monkeys at Batu Caves in Malaysia

Another adorable wild monkey - this shot © Sarah Albom 2012

I had heard mixed things about Batu Caves including enough negative that I wasn’t really sure I wanted to visit. I can say now that I am glad I did. We were touring for a few days in Malaysia with Ben, a guide that we would happily recommend to anyone. He encouraged our visit and […]