Discovering Street Art in Perth, Australia

Street art in Perth, Western Australia

It is the enormity of the street art in Perth that turned my head. Massive works of art appear on seemingly random buildings, mostly in laneways and alleyways. Unlike Melbourne street art that filled up every inch of the laneways it covered, the street art in Perth seems to focus on one image at a […]

Cruising on the Swan River to Artistic Fremantle, Australia

Black swans are the namesake of the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia

Black swans dot the banks and give the Swan River her name according to the commentary on board the hour-long Captain Cook cruise from Perth to Fremantle in Western Australia (WA). It was a late spring day with a light breeze. The river sailing was smooth and the commentary identified key sights like the Royal […]

Docking in Port Hedland Australia? What to do in this Mining Town

Iron Ore boulder on display in town in Port Hedlands, Australia

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about visiting Port Hedland, a small city in Western Australia known for iron ore mining. However, it turned out to be fascinating. Here, we opted to take an excursion offered by Royal Caribbean, and we went on an iron ore tour. All tours at BHP Billiton are via bus, and there […]

Melbourne Street Art: Explore Australia

Street Art on Rutledge Lane off of Hosier Lane  in Melbourne Australia

Hubby and I spent last weekend in Melbourne Australia drinking coffee in laneway cafes, walking the neighbourhoods, and exploring Melbourne street art. Australia’s second largest city is internationally known for its colourful and eclectic street art found on “approved outdoor locations” throughout the city. Here are a few of the 100+ photos I shot: This […]

Auckland Artweek: Highlights of Street Art and Laneways

This spray chalk and stencil carpet is one of the temporary exhibits in Auckland Artweek, New Zealand

It’s Auckland Artweek. A colourful event encompassing much of the city with free walking tours, gallery exhibits, workshops, and lectures. It’s a coming together of all things artistic in our city. Last weekend hubby and I joined two walking tours: Laneway Art Circuit and Street Art Walk. Heart of the City is one of the […]

Street Art of Asia as Photographed by Top Travel Bloggers

Street Art seen in Bastakiya in Dubai, UAE

The street art of Asia is playful, creative, and fun. This is the fifth and final in the collaborative series of Street Art Around the World. The first shot is my own, the others were taken by top travel bloggers. I found the street art of Asia to be the most unique. Have a look and see if […]

Top Travel Bloggers Explore New Zealand and Australia Street Art

Union Lane Melbourne Australia photo by beer-and-croissants

Street art crosses cultures, language, and continental barriers. I love all of it, although I tend to gravitate towards the brighter, happier images. Today I share a collection of interesting New Zealand and Australia street art. It is part of a travel blogger collaborative series highlighting street art from around the world. Enjoy this collection . . […]

Street Art of Central and South American Shared by Top Travel Bloggers

Valparaiso, Ecuador
Photo contributed by NAME of BLOG. See more at: TITLE

Bright, bold, and detailed, much of the Central and South American street art that I have seen appears to be quite elaborate. This is the third in a series of collaborative posts on street art around the world. The first was European Street Art followed by Canadian and American Street Art. What I find most interesting so far […]

Explore Canadian and American Street Art with Top Travel Bloggers

The Lovejoy Columns can be considered American Street Art

I found it interesting that when I asked top travel bloggers to share photos of their favorite Canadian and American street art, nearly all sent photos of people. Is this a trend in North America, or simply a coincidence? I am a huge fan of street art, generally preferring the colourful and fun over the political, […]

Travel Bloggers Share an Eclectic Mix of European Street Art

"Suspended" by Alice Pasquini in Germany

When I think about European street art Berlin, London, and Barcelona are the cities that first come to my mind. So I asked top travel bloggers where their favourite street art was located and I was surprised by some of the results. So many sent images that this is a multipart article, starting with European […]

Mexico Restaurant in Auckland: Colourful, yet Haunting

Artwork on a wall in Mexico restaruant in Auckland New Zealand

I am not sure what initially brought us to the door of Mexico Restaurant, but it was the haunting decor that brought us into this Auckland eatery in the up-market, trendy Ponsonby neighbourhood. Practical Information on Mexico Restaurant: The ingredients are fresh and the flavours authentic. The menu changes every three months, based on seasonal ingredients. There […]

Wellington Photos: 20 Reasons It’s My Favorite NZ Getaway

the Beehive is one of the buildings of New Zealand's parliament

Wellington is so much more than just New Zealand’s capital city. It’s a vibrant eclectic mix of architecture styles, unusual street art, culture, and history. It’s been my favourite weekend getaway destination since my first visit nearly 12 years ago. A picture is worth 1000 words, so I will show you why I love Wellington in […]

Photos: A Virtual Tour of Central Auckland Street Art

Tongan influenced Auckland street art by Benjamin Work. (New Zealand)

It’s Art Week in Auckland and that means lots of colorful, artistic, and eclectic events including several free tours sponsored by Heart of the City. On Sunday, we enjoyed an Auckland Street Art tour, featuring both permanent and temporary works that highlight various stages of the progression of street art from the illegal tagging of […]

IWSG: A New Perspective on Life and The World Grasped

The World Grasped by Terry Stringer in Auckland New Zealand (walk around it for a new perspective)

Sometimes I simply need a new perspective. Have a look at this statue entitled The World Grasped by Terry Stringer. It is one of many sculptures in the Newmarket neighborhood of Auckland (New Zealand): I have walked by it many times and always smiled back at the face. What I missed was looking at it […]

Interesting Newmarket Sculptures: More Auckland Art

"Silver" by Virginia King in Auckland, it is one of many Newmarket Sculptures

Newmarket is one of many Auckland city neighborhoods. It is often thought of as New Zealand’s premier retailing area. Like most of Auckland, it boasts an eclectic and interesting collection of city artwork. Walking down Broadway with my daughter, I couldn’t resist taking photos of these four Newmarket sculptures: Generally, I research an area before […]

K Road Urban Art in Progress – AmaZing Auckland #AtoZ

Interesting K-Road Sign in Auckland, New Zealand

K Road, short for Karangahape Road may be geographically located in Auckland’s Central Business district, but it is also home to an eclectic mix of the  alternative and traditional. It’s where we often go for boutique gifts or op shops, vegetarian or ethnic dining, or interesting night life (to be gently touched upon later in […]

A Tree of Bikes and Other Signs of Christmas in Auckland, New Zealand

Childfund's Tree of Bikes, one of many signs of Christmas in Auckland, New Zealand in Auckland, New Zealand

As I walked up Queen Street on a drizzly summer day I could see signs of Christmas in Auckland everywhere.  It may never be a white Christmas here, but New Zealand knows how to celebrate, as well as how to offer the compassion of the holiday season. Using my favorite form of public transit, we […]