Megalithic Sites in Evora Portugal are Older than Stonehenge

Almendres Cromlech is one of the megalithic sites in Evora Portugal

Stonehenge is probably the most famous of the world’s megalithic sites, yet Portugal is home to several megalithic sites that are older, free to visit, less crowded, and still allow visitors to walk through the grounds. We visited two of these sites, both in close proximity to each other, located just outside of Evora, Portugal. [Megalithic […]

Cork Trees in Portugal and a Cork Museum in Spain

Harvested cork waits to be collected outside Evora Portugal

Cork grows on trees. As we drove though the Alentejo region of eastern Portugal, I was surprised to make this discovery. Cork trees lined the road. In the nearby town of Evora, a huge variety of cork products are available for purchase ranging from bags and hats to postcards. This added to the mystery of the […]

Chapel of Bones in Evora: A Freakish Ossuary in Portugal ~ #AtoZ

A close up of the skulls embedded in the wall of the Chapel of Bones in Evora Portugal. Photo ©Sarah Albom

We have been to some eerie places, no question about it.  The Chapel of Bones in Evora, Portugal tops our freakish list. Entering the macabre world of this ossuary is like crossing into the Twilight Zone. The invitation over the door: “Nós ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos,” loosely translated: “We bones that are […]

Evora Portugal, More than Just the Chapel of Bones

Inside the Chapel of Bones in Evora Portugal

The town of Evora Portugal is much more than just the Chapel of Bones. It is an old town filled with history and historic buildings. That is what the women in the tourism office wanted to make very clear to us. Apparently, we are not the first visitors to come to the office asking only […]

Alcobaca Monastery and Church: first Gothic Buildings in Portugal

Alcabaca Monastery external

Some places leave me in wonder. How did they build such tall, massive structures almost 1000 years ago. Today we visited Alcobaca Monastery, a Mediaeval Roman Catholic monastery located in the town of Alcobaça Portugal.  It, along with the church were the first Gothic buildings built in Portugal. The church and monastery have had close ties to […]

Locked out of the Medieval Walled City of Obidos Portugal

Obidos Portugal

After leaving Evora, we spend the afternoon in Sintra before driving up the narrow, windy, cliff edge, dirt road that leads to the city of Obidos. Up until this point we had loved every moment of our time in Portugal. Now the road was a bit nerve wracking but the problem was staring us in the face. The gates to the city […]

Sintra: Visiting a Fairytale Castle Outside Lisbon Portugal

Pena sintra

We didn’t plan to visit the enchanted town of Sintra in Portugal, but boy are we glad we did. After four months, we have discovered that the best adventures are often those that are not planned, but rather suggested by other travelers. Sintra came with rave reviews. It is a small village in Portugal about […]