Collecting Cockles at Okoromai Bay in New Zealand

Ready to collect cockles (small clams) on Okoromai Bay in Auckland New Zealand

As the tide retreated we could see a few people collecting cockles at the water’s edge. I pointed them out to our Italian AFS exchange student, commenting that it is generally a summertime activity. It was only 12c yesterday, not a day I wanted to step into the water even with protective rubber boots. She, however, seemed […]

Sunken ship – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Sunken Ship on Okoromai Bay in Auckland, New Zealand

S is for sunken ship. Practical Information:  This ship is one of three that were sunk on purpose to create a shelter inside Okoromai Bay on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. The other two are deeper, not visible, and not that near. It can only be seen at low tide, and the photo was taken at a king low […]

MPI Protecting Our Oceans from Overfishing – New Zealand

Okoromai Bay at low tide, Auckland New Zealand

From a distance it looked as though it might be a craft demonstration led by a man pointing down at items on the table as he spoke to the surrounding group. As we cautiously approached most of the on-lookers walked away. We quickly discovered an officer of the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), sometimes referred […]

Photo: Cliffs at the Golden Hour in Okoromai Bay, Auckland

Golden hour on Okoromai Bay, Shakespear Park, Auckland New Zealand

Golden hour* on a cloudy night, the last bit of sunlight sneaking through and lighting up the cliff:   *Just before sunset the colors get softer and redder. Photographers call this the golden hour. To improve your golden hour photography check out these 5 Tips for Golden Hour Photography from the Digital Photography School. Last […]

An Eerie Morning Fog over Shakespear Park in Auckland

Eerie morning fog over Shakespear park in Auckland New Zealand

This is the view that greeted me today, an eerie morning fog that gave a painted look to my photos and started my day with a smile. The white dots on some of the hills are sheep: The sun crept through and dramatically changed the view.  The time between the first shot on this page […]

Sinking Boat, Colorful Bird – Photos of a Coast Guard Rescue

New Zealand Coast Guard towing a catamaran - this isn't quite as bad as it looks

Looking out the window the promise of an uneventful Sunday was shattered as I saw the Coast Guard rescue boat towing a sinking boat in our bay. The catamaran had three sailors on board. I assume at least one is from the Coast Guard as that’s how it was when they rescued us a few […]