Sarah’s Snapshots – Buenos Aires in Argentina

Passionfruit flower in Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, is a bustling city with new, interesting things to do at every turn. It has about 3 million people, while the province contains over 60% of Argentina’s population. I was able to visit Buenos Aires for a few days as part of a trip for my AFS student exchange, and it […]

Sarah’s Snapshots – The School Spring Party

Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

The start of spring in Argentina is often marked with a celebration, as well as Día del Estudiante or National Student Day. At my school, we celebrated with a small spring party with costumes. Unlike New Zealand, in Argentinian school everyone stays in the same class and have the same classmates and classroom throughout the […]

Sarah’s Snapshots: The Santa Fe Riverside


Santa Fe City is situated between two rivers, one being a branch of the most important river in Argentina called Río Parana. The river actually comes all the way down from Brazil and Paraguay (under a few different names) and empties out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Santa Fe riverside (or as they say in […]

Sarah’s Snapshots – Soy Bean Farm in Rosario Argentina

S - With Grace, el campo, Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina 7087 - Version 2

Recently, while visiting another exchange student in Rosario City, I was taken to see her host family’s soy bean farm outside of the city. We got to see one of the fields, or el campo in Spanish, where the beans were in the process of being harvested. After they are harvested, they are exported to […]

Sarah’s Snapshots – Traditional Argentinian Food

Homemade pasta on a rack, Parana, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

A large aspect of Argentinian culture revolves around food. Typically family or friend gatherings revolve around a meal, and I have yet to go to an event without at least biscuits or mate (mah-te) being there. In fact, there are so many different types of Argentinian food that I can’t write about it all in […]

Sarah’s Snapshots – La Redonda in Santa Fe Argentina

Leonardo Da Vinci swing, La Redonda, Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

My host sister here in Argentina works at a local community centre that I’ve visited multiple times. An old converted train station, La Redonda is now an art and public centre that’s open on the weekends and during holidays. It’s great for kids, with plenty of arts and crafts activities located along the walls, and also […]

Sarah’s Snapshots – My School in Argentina

Argentinian school. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

I was homeschooled in New Zealand, so going to school is a new concept for me. School in Argentina occurs in two segments – in the morning, or in the afternoon. Some students have to go to both segments, but this doesn’t occur in my school. For my school, the students in 3rd, 4th, and […]

Sarah’s Snapshots: Argentinian Life

Street in Argentina

I’ve been here in Argentina on my AFS student exchange for about 2 and a half months now, and life is starting to settle down. Argentinian life is more relaxed than New Zealand, and food is very important. A common drink here is mate (pronounced maht-tae), which is hot water poured into a cup full […]

Sarah’s Snapshots: Rosario City in Argentina

National Flag Memorial from a distance in Rosario, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

Sixteen-year-old Sarah checks in on some Sundays from her AFS student exchange in Argentina. AtoZ blogging challenge will resume tomorrow. In the Santa Fe province where I live there is a city called Rosario, which I visited  with my host family on Easter weekend for a family gathering. The first day we went to a […]

Sarah’s Snapshots: Argentina Adventure Begins

Macro image taken in Santa Fe, Argentina. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2016

It’s been a week since I’ve arrived in Argentina, and in that time I’ve eaten 10 Bon o Bons. They’re definitely my new favourite food. Bon o Bon is an Argentinian sweet, with a chocolate-coated outside and a filling that reminds me of cream or peanut butter. I would show a photo of what they […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #40 – New Zealand photos

Pink flowers at the Wellington Botanical Gardens in Wellington, New Zealand. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2016; for more New Zealand photos, visit the blog

These are some of my favourite New Zealand photos I never shared. I thought it would be nice to have a mixture of general random photos from the past few years as my last New Zealand photos post, since I’m leaving for a year in 4 days (4 days!). When I’m in Argentina on my […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots – Te Muri Camp New Zealand

Swimming at Mahurangi West beach in Auckland, New Zealand. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2016; for more photos of Mahurangi West, visit the blog

Last weekend I went on a camp with friends at the Te Muri campgrounds in Mahurangi West regional park, about an hour and a half north of Auckland City. Summer here has been glorious and hot, and we enjoyed the cloudless days with plenty of swimming and walking. I also went to Mahurangi West regional park last […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #38 – 2015 Photo Highlights

Leaves, Kapiti Coast in Wellington, New Zealand. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015; for more photos of Wellington, visit the blog

Wow, it’s 2016 already! Time feels like it just flew by last year. Although this is technically my first post of the new year, here are my (Sarah’s) 2015 photo highlights, the majority are from New Zealand (links to each article the photo can originally be found on are in the descriptions): Lips of Temptation […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #37 – Kapiti Coast Textures

Leaves, Kapiti Coast in Wellington, New Zealand. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015; for more photos of Wellington, visit the blog

Last weekend I was on an AFS camp on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington and, naturally, I brought my camera along. With only carry on for the flight (limiting my weight to 7kg) I brought my new lightweight 24mm lens for the weekend. Following the theme of several previous posts, I decided to take photos […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #36 – Sydney Textures

An extreme close-up of one of the artworks in Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015; for more photos of Sydney, visit the blog

Last weekend we decided to hop the ditch and take a weekend over in Sydney, Australia. One of the first things we did was to buy a few new camera lenses, and I had plenty of fun over the weekend trying out my new wide-angle lens (Canon 24mm) on some of the Sydney textures we saw. […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #35 – Armageddon Expo

Pepper Potts - Iron Man

One of New Zealand’s largest annual pop culture events, Auckland’s Armageddon Expo occurred this October and drew more than 65,000 people over the four days it ran. Taking place at ASB Showgrounds, it holds everything from gaming to costumes in several large halls and in the outside area. What is just as impressive as all of […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #34 – Night Sky

'Supermoon' by ©2015 Sarah E. Albom. Taken in Auckland, New Zealand of the September 2015 supermoon.

We live in a neighbourhood without a lot of artificial light, and on clear nights we can very clearly see the night sky above us. Astronomy has always interested me, and I love photos of the stars and the moon. I’ve taken quite a few photos of the night sky over the past year or […]

Sarah’s Exciting News: Argentina and Sarah Albom Photography

Sarah's exciting news and launch of Sarah Albom Photography

I have some exciting news to share this week – I have been accepted into the AFS student exchange program! I will be going to Argentina for the 2016 year (I won’t know exactly where until I am picked by a host family). I’m very excited, but it still doesn’t feel real yet. Nervousness will come […]

Wintergardens and Forest Play in Auckland’s Oldest Park

Auckland Domain Wintergardens, Auckland, New Zealand

I have walked by Wintergardens many times as it sits next to the Auckland Museum on the cone of an extinct volcano that is now the Auckland Domain. It’s the oldest park in New Zealand’s largest city and a great spot for forest play. Last week, while my daughter was dressed as a spriggan running […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #33 – New Zealand Undergrowth

Fungus on a tree, Shakespear Park, New Zealand - Photograph copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015

New Zealand is well known for being a lush, green country, with plenty of interesting endemic flora and gorgeous forests. I’ve been on a few photo shoots over the last several weeks (mainly to Shakespear Park) and I’ve been trying to take photos of some of the undergrowth I’ve found. My favourites are below: Shakespear Park […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #32 – Shakespear Textures

Fungi in Shakespear Park, Auckland, New Zealand - Photograph copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015

Across the bay from us is Shakespear Park, and my mum and I often go there to take photos. Because I really enjoy taking close up photos, I thought today I would post a few shots of my Shakespear textures and close ups. I took these photos with a Canon 70D, which I am quite enjoying […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #31 – Sunrise Silhouettes

Sunrise silhouette over the cliff tops, Auckland, New Zealand - Photograph copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015

Last week I captured some photos of sunrise silhouettes on the early ferry mum and I took into Auckland. The sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds and it was really pretty. Here are my favourite sunrise silhouettes from then: What are your favourite photos of sunrise silhouettes (or any kind of silhouette)? This post […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #30 – Very Vintage Day Out

50s waitress at the Very Vintage Day Out, Alexandra Park Raceway, Auckland, New Zealand - Photograph copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015

In April I attended a Very Vintage Day Out in Auckland with my sister and a group of friends. There was an indoor market and vintage cars in the outdoor section. It was a really fun day, and I enjoyed myself a lot. Here are my favourite vintage day photos: Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots is now back […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #29 – Memento Mori

Lips of Temptation - a Memento Mori-themed photo where death is symbolised by the coloured apple and the coloured lips symbolise the temptation of death upon the living.

This week, my photos follow the theme of Memento Mori – a latin phrase translating to “remember (that you have) to die”. It is about the reflection of mortality and death, and I am using it for my photo shoots in a photography class I have started at Whangaparaoa College. My latest photo shoot is more specifically based […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #28 – Advanced Photography Workshop

Thorne Bay with a 10 stop ND filter, taken during the Three Little Wishes Advanced Photography Workshop.

Recently I had my final lesson of my Three Little Wishes Mentorship program, an Advanced Photography Workshop. In the morning we learned about outdoor studio lighting and filters, and our model was Victoria, the same model from the studio workshop I took last year. In the afternoon we took some ocean photos while experimenting with […]