Paronella Park at Night – Ruins of Spanish Castle in Australia

The castle ruins of Paronella Park, Queensland Australia lit up at night.

Visiting Paronella Park at night was like walking through a dream. The ruins of the old Spanish castle situated in the rainforest of tropical Queensland Australia are now covered in moss, yet the magic and romance that once dominated this fortress is still apparent. We visited several years ago, just before I started writing this blog. […]

Ruins of The Old Abbeys of England ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire, England

I don’t know why, but I am fascinated by the ruins of the old abbeys of England dotted along the countryside.  I couldn’t get enough, although I think the girls and hubby reached their limit.  Here are a few of my favorite shots: Have you seen the ruins of the old abbeys of England? Which […]

Volubilis is an Ancient Roman City in Morocco, Northern Africa

Basilica at Volubilis, ancient Roman city in Morocco

The ancient city Volubilis exceeded our expectations. Situated in Northern Africa, it is part of the vast Roman Empire, yet somewhat different than other ruins we have seen as it blends the Roman and indigenous cultures. An UNESCO World Heritage site, Volubilis is often considered to be the best-preserved archeological site in Morocco.  Located near Meknes […]

Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, and Other Sights in Athens Greece

Acropolis in Athens Greece

We are in Athens Greece, just for the day as it is another port off the cruise ship. We knew right from the beginning that one day isn’t enough time to see this historical city. I have been to Athens before, but it’s all new to the rest of the family. To maximize our time, […]

Ephesus: Turkey’s Wonder of the Ancient World


Ephesus is one of my favorite ancient sites so far, interesting and stunning.  Having stellar weather helped to, offering clear blue skies. Honestly, we almost skipped this ancient Greek treasure. We our cruise ship docked in the port of Izmir, Turkey for only half a day. When I read that Ephesus is a bit over […]

Pompeii and Naples – Why You Need to Visit Both Cities

Pompeii italy

Naples is our final cruise port on Italy’s Mediterranean coast line. Like in Pisa/Florence and Rome, one day is not enough. We opted for Pompeii and Naples, but that meant giving up the Amalfi Coast. In truth, I have waited a long time to visit Pompeii.  Thirty years ago when I was touring Europe, we […]

Carcassonne, Is This Medievel French City Named for A Pig?

Carcassone France

Like many medieval walled cities, Carcassonne France has a beautiful castle with a moat. As the story goes, back in medieval times, the town was under siege.  The attackers thought by surrounding the castle and the walled city of Carcassone they would starve the inhabitants, therefore simplifying victory.  So, the people of Carcassone stuffed a […]

Segovia Spain’s Roman Aqueduct, Medieval Castle, and Cathedral

fairytale castle

When my girls were little I used to read to them stories of adventure and excitement involving brave knights, beautiful princesses and stunning medieval castles.  They were all similar with tall towers, protective ramparts, dangerous portcullis and a draw bridge over a moat. Of course, my girls always found the mysterious dungeon and the garderobes […]

More Medieval Towns in Northern Spain

medieval church

One of the great things about where we are currently based in Palamós, Spain is the vast number of interesting medieval towns within an hours loop. Yesterday I shared Pals, the first of these villages we visited, and that was going to be it, but the response is so positive that I thought you might […]

Roman Baths and Stonehenge: History and Wonderment in England

Roman Baths

After a very long travel day, which is not the way I would do it if I were traveling this way again, and a good night sleep we had a fantastic day of history and wonderment.  What could be better than a morning at the Roman Baths, followed by an afternoon at Stonehenge. Bath, England […]

Giants Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, Dunluce Castle-N. Ireland

Giants Causeway

We heard about Giants Causeway, the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge and Dunluce Castle, but nothing could prepare us for actually seeing them. After an uneventful ferry crossing into Northern Ireland we headed straight up to the North Coast.  Here we found the Giants Causeway, a destroyed bridge built by giant Finn McCool to walk to Scotland.  […]

Old Ruins Dot the British Countryside

Fountain Abbey

Old ruins dot the British countryside and really captured my attention. Now that we are out of the city, off the main roads and into the countryside, English history has really come alive for us.  I just love the cobblestone streets, narrow passage ways, stone buildings, and the old ruins. Today was a great day.  […]

Where To Find Harry Potter Film Sites at Oxford University

Oxford University

I visited to Oxford University for its rich history. I am pretty sure our teens were more interested in the on-site filming locations of the Harry Potter series. As we walked around the campus, we were surrounded by the tall, detailed, and amazing architecture.  I  see why the city of Oxford is known as the ‘city of the […]

The Grand Canyon of Oman, Misfat and Other Spots in the Interior

grand canyon of oman

Did you know there was Grand Canyon of Oman? It was news to me. But stunning, just like the one in Arizona. I am finding everything in Oman to be fascinating. Following from yesterday’s Oman photos, so our interior tour continues here. All photos on this page © Rhonda Albom 2012. All rights reserved. Did you know […]

Giant Buddha and an Ancient Town – Leshan and Haunglongxi, China

giant buddha leshan

Today we took a two hour drive, boarded a boat and went to see the world’s largest buddha carved in a mountain. We were really excited about the giant buddha, but I have to say it was rather a let down. Unlike most of the other things I have written about, in this case I […]

Xi’an China: Army of the Terracotta Warriors and Other Key Sites

Terra-cotta Warriors

Another item ticked was off my bucket list today, when we saw the Army of the Terracotta Warriors. Although it did start out a bit early, the day was awesome. A quick travel lesson for us; while a 7.25am domestic flight may not sound so bad, it is. We had to get up at 4.30 […]