Yachting on America’s Cup Boats – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Yachting in New Zealand - Princess Kate racing against Prince William race against each other on former America's Cup boats.

Y is for yachting on America’s Cup Boats  . . .  or yacht racing. Practical Information:  This is the real thing, yachting at its most exciting. It’s an opportunity to crew on a former Team New Zealand America’s Cup yacht.  Most of the time they take out only one of the two boats, but during summer on […]

Yacht Racing in the City of Sails: Auckland New Zealand #AtoZ

Look forward while yacht racing

If you know me I am sure you guessed that “yacht racing” would be my choice for the letter Y.  It was almost “B” for boating, but I didn’t want to confuse my passion for boats without a sail (Sorry Sandee).  Besides, my theme is Amazing Auckland from AtoZ and Auckland is the “City of […]

Volvo Ocean Race Around the World – New Zealand Stopover

Crossing the start line at the Pro-Am during the New Zealand stop over of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Auckland knows how to throw a party, and I could feel the excitement in the air as I approached.  First there was information about the race, then the live music,  but I was too excited to stop and read much. I just wanted to see the boats.  A few more steps and there they were, […]

On Board Steinlager 2 – A Bit of New Zealand’s History

Staning at the helm of Steinlager 2, winner of 1989/90 Whitbread Around the World Race

We all have our heroes. Sir Peter Blake is one of mine. Maybe that’s why I was so exciting to step aboard the Steinlager 2. It’s his boat. Well, technically it’s New Zealand Sailing Trust’s yacht, it is Sir Peter Blake who skippered to an unprecidented victory, winning all six legs of the Whitbread Round […]

Two On the Water World Record Attempts in Auckland

Barts Bash World Record Attempt the world's largest sailing event

Sailing World Record Attempt Over 700 yacht clubs across 65 countries on 6 continents participated in Bart’s Bash on 21 Sept. It’s a fundraiser and a Guinness world record attempt to have the most boats in a race. The event is in memory of Olympic gold and silver medal winner Andrew “Bart” Simpson, the British […]

Photos: Dragon Boat Races in Gulf Harbour, New Zealand

Drummer on dragon boat

My generally quiet town of Gulf Harbour hosted dragon boat races last weekend. The last time I saw a dragon boat was at the Summer Palace in Beijing, China, although that one was quite touristy and not human powered. Imagine my surprise to have actual dragon boat races on the next bay over from my […]

Re-branding this Travel Blog – Please Help Pick the New URL

Royals Racing in Auckland on America's Cup Yatchts

It’s time for re-branding and I need your help. In 2012 I went around the world and this blog followed my travels.  It’s never gone back and now it’s time for a new name to catch up. What you find here now is my travel photography, travel stories, expat escapades and hopefully someday soon, information […]

Kate and William: Royals Racing Yachts in Auckland NZ

Royals Racing in Auckland

We headed up to Auckland early yesterday to get a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate as they each took the helm of a different Team New Zealand America’s Cup yacht and headed out for some royal racing.  We joined about 2,000 cheering fans as they passed, although I think […]

Flying Fifteen National Championships, Cyclone Lusi and Chocolate

Flying Fifteen National Championship

Today is the final day of the Flying Fifteen National Championships sponsored by our local yacht club. This means they are taking place nearly right out our door.  Whilst yacht racing isn’t all that exciting to watch from the land, there was no way I was going out to sea, being that this weekend also […]

Celebrating A Perfect Twilight Race, Pippins, and IWSG

twilight race

This week’s twilight race tops my list for Viklit’s Celebrate the Small Things blog hop. I have been racing on and off on the same women’s crew for about five years now, and I think this week we had our best twilight race to date.  Lead by our brilliant skipper, as a crew we seemed […]

Photo Highlights 2013 (New Zealand, Alaska, and More)

maori warrior

I thought I would end the year with my photo highlights 2013. All photos on this page ©Rhonda Albom 2013. All rights reserved. (Click on any photo for more information. Each photo on this page links to it’s original post.) Did I miss any of your favorite photo highlights 2013? Do you prefer the cityscapes, […]

Celebrating Yacht Racing, On-Line Friends, Hiking, Storytelling

celebrating yacht racing

It’s still Friday the 13th somewhere, just not here, and once again I am celebrating small things with Viklit at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. This week I am celebrating my New Zealand life, which included yacht racing, meeting an on-line friend, a new camera, trekking and storytelling. Here are the details: We took second […]

Celebrate Small Things – Racing, Walking, Winning, Writing

celebrate small things

Whether we are traveling or at home, stopping to celebrate small things is always a useful exercise.  Thanks to Viklit at Scribbings of an Aspiring Author I can join this bloghop and share my little celebrations for the week: Women’s Yacht racing finally got underway and we took 2nd in our first race. I was […]

It’s the Start of Summer Yacht Racing Season in New Zealand

yacht racing

Summer is nearly here down under, and for me that means yacht racing season. I am on a women’s yacht racing team out of our local Gulf Harbour Yacht Club. Our first race was scheduled for last Wednesday evening (too late for last week’s wordless Wednesday).  Unfortunately, it was called off for too much wind. […]

Ladies Yacht Racing in New Zealand

Twilight Yacht Racing

I am so happy!  I went sailing last night.  I joined a crew for ladies yacht racing and we took 3rd. Every second Wednesday is Ladies Yacht Racing at twilight.  I am not officially on a crew this season as we were not scheduled to be back in NZ yet.  But lucky for me, someone was […]