Photo Tour: Cruising into Venice Italy

Cruising into Venice Italy on the NCL Spirit 2

Cruising into Venice Italy is one of those magical travel moments. For us, it was several years ago, and we were on the NCL Spirit. We stood at the bow of the cruise ship, and despite the crowds, looking out it was captivating. I shared my photos of Venice from the ship, but for some reason these remained in my […]

Travel Bloggers Share an Eclectic Mix of European Street Art

"Suspended" by Alice Pasquini in Germany

When I think about European street art Berlin, London, and Barcelona are the cities that first come to my mind. So I asked top travel bloggers where their favourite street art was located and I was surprised by some of the results. So many sent images that this is a multipart article, starting with European […]

Venice or Vegas ~ Does the Venetian Hotel Look Like the Real Thing?

Venice in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel on the Strip

Venice or Vegas – can you tell them apart? Of course you can. Venice is a city in northeastern Italy most noted for its canals which separate and link its 118 small islands.  Las Vegas is a city in Nevada, USA famous for its “strip” of gambling casinos, nightlife and resort lifestyle. Neither of the […]

10 Travel Tips to Cruise the Mediterranean

Real snake used in entertainment onboard the NCL Spirit

We recently decided to cruise the Mediterranean on the NCL Spirit. It was a last minute deal, and we loved it. No, we did not win the lottery.  We booked six days prior to leaving at a discount so big it was cheaper than the nightly price for a hotel and included  12 nights, all […]

Canals, St. Marks, Bridges, and a Gondola in Venice Italy

Gondolas in Venice Italy

Venice is the final port on our 12 night Mediterranean cruise. We arrived the day before we disembarked, giving us an opportunity to come ashore in the evening, and return to sleep on the ship. Such an interesting city, I wish we had spent significantly more time here. However, we didn’t, so we only had time […]

Pompeii and Naples – Why You Need to Visit Both Cities

Pompeii italy

Naples is our final cruise port on Italy’s Mediterranean coast line. Like in Pisa/Florence and Rome, one day is not enough. We opted for Pompeii and Naples, but that meant giving up the Amalfi Coast. In truth, I have waited a long time to visit Pompeii.  Thirty years ago when I was touring Europe, we […]

Photo Tour: Vatican City – The World’s Smallest Country

St Peters Basilica in Vatican City

When we crossed from Italy into Vatican City, we entered our 20th country since we left New Zealand in March. Today was probably our busiest travel day, as our cruise itinerary allocated only one day to see Rome, which we had to split with Vatican City. We hired Max Leotta who turned out to be a fantastic […]

Photo Tour: How to See the Highlights of Rome in a Day

Photos of Rome

Today we attempted the impossible, to see the highlights of Rome in a day, including a visit to the Vatican. We knew it couldn’t all be done, but we had no option as Rome was a port stop on our Mediterranian Cruise on the NCL Sun. The secret to our success was two fold. First we did […]

Florence In a Day: Uffizi, Duomo, and Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence Italy

This afternoon we were in Florence, Italy.  Like every other port we stopped in, we tried to cram the maximum into one day and this one was loaded as it started out climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  One thing we did have to decide in advance is which art museum to visit. There is […]

Pisa Italy: Climbing the Leaning Tower and Visiting the Cathedral

Miracle Square

With one day in port to split between Pisa and Florence, we needed to be focused. Top on the girls list was climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I did it 20 years ago when I first visited Pisa. Then it was easy. We just bought our tickets, got in the queue, and then climbed the […]