Travel Bloggers Share an Eclectic Mix of European Street Art

"Suspended" by Alice Pasquini in Germany

When I think about European street art Berlin, London, and Barcelona are the cities that first come to my mind. So I asked top travel bloggers where their favourite street art was located and I was surprised by some of the results. So many sent images that this is a multipart article, starting with European […]

Touring Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

Seeing Shakespeare performed live at London’s Globe Theatre will remain on my bucket list a bit longer. We were last in London in May of 2012, just a few months before the London Olympics were to begin. The Globe was in the middle of a series of 37 performances all from visiting troupes in their […]

Highlights of the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Sarah had her birthday the first week of our travels, but she celebrated it today at the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour.  It was the highlight of week of looking for Harry Potter in London, and even beat out broomstick flying lessons at the castle where Harry learned. Sarah wants to tell you all […]

Leicester Square and Hamley’s Toy Store – More London Fun

m&m store

We couldn’t resist the giant M&M store on Leicester Square in central London.  Once inside we found m&ms in 22 colors, plus lots of m&m fun everywhere.   As we were leaving the girls remembered the candy store in Dubai which claimed to be the world’s largest, yet this giant M&M store felt bigger to […]

Our Classic London Photos: Cathedrals, Parliament, Palace, and O2

london photos

So much history, and so many classic London icons. We tried to see as many as we could, intermixed with markets, modern buildings, movie premiers, candy shops, and of course Harry Potter. Regardless of where we went, I was glad to always have a camera in my hand. Despite the weather, I think classic London shines through. Or […]

Beheaded at the Tower of London – A Not To Be Missed Destination

Our amazing tour guide - who called took one look at the hat and called her "panada slayer."

No worries, we were not beheaded at the Tower of London, but we did learn about so many of the others who were.  Some of the more famous ones we can remember from our visit:  William Hastings 1483,  Queen Anne Boleyn 1536, Catherine Howard 1542, Lady Jane Gray 1554 and Robert Devereux 2nd Earl of […]

Finding Platform 9 3/4 – Searching For Harry Potter In London

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4

We allocated about a week to see London. Seems like enough time, but somehow we each had our own agenda. Today, we focused on our tween’s primary goal of searching for Harry Potter in London. Not the boy, but platform 9 3/4, a bridge, a street, the Leaky Caldron, the reptile house, Big Ben, and […]