Yachting on America’s Cup Boats – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Y is for yachting on America’s Cup Boats  . . .  or yacht racing.

Yachting in New Zealand - Princess Kate racing against Prince William race against each other on former America's Cup boats.

How much fun would it be to race on one of these former America’s Cup yachts? While they take out crew/passengers daily, this particular photo was Princess Kate racing against Prince William.

Practical Information: 

  • This is the real thing, yachting at its most exciting. It’s an opportunity to crew on a former Team New Zealand America’s Cup yacht. 
  • Most of the time they take out only one of the two boats, but during summer on Saturday and Thursday afternoons they do head to head racing.
  • The photo was taken on a very special day, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were visiting New Zealand, and each took the helm of one of the yachts, with America’s Cup sailors standing at their side.


Posted for the AtoZ challenge 2016.

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2016

Would you rather go social yachting or racing on one of these former America’s Cup boats?

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Yacht racing in New Zealand

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  1. says

    I would go for racing! Normally we go sailing in the summer (little boats) for the socialising and fun, so racing would be a new experience for us.

  2. says

    Hi Rhonda – your passion … I’ll stick around here – though I’d love to visit one of those magnificent yachts … they are incredible … cheers Hilary

  3. says

    Aren’t they beautiful? We had the pleasure of watching some of the yachts race in San Francisco a few years ago. Incredible how fast they fly through the water.

  4. says

    New Zealand + Yachting = a stunning combination which belongs together like the tomato to the pizza. I’d love to do it myself but I think there is some pocket money needed 😉 #wkendtravelinspiration

  5. says

    They’re on the lovely sea, on a great boat, under the beaming sun — and they’re working their butts off! Give me a chaise lounge and a waiter with a drink in hand, and that’s how I’d like to spend time on a boat. 😉

  6. stefanie says

    It’s very cool – did you get to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Perhaps next year you can be on the New Zealand cup team!

  7. says

    Awesome yacht! Yacht racing sounds like it would be fun, and New Zealand is beautiful. Your book looks like it would be an interesting read, too. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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