What A Week! New Traveling Friends, Police, Immunizations and More

What a week! When we announced a travel break, a homeschool break and putting our 12 and 15 year old in school for the first time we were greeted with a mix of reactions. Regardless of which side of the fence our friends were on the universal question

“What will I do with all that free time?”

I had a plan.  At first it was perfect. Coffee. Sunshine. Yacht racing. Spending quality time with hubby.

Then it went south.

I don’t mean my niece who has been here since January and went touring in the South. No, I mean the plan failed.

My  past two weeks involved hosting a dinner for 18 (4 traveling families with 10 kids ages 10-16), driving to school 2-3 times a day, a visit from animal control (we don’t have a pet), sailing, swim races, baking, permission forms, major changes in on-line host’s rules, netball tryouts, missing persons report, camping, painful immunizations, hacked email account, and having a family of 6 as house guests for a week (this was awesome), and very little sleep.

What A Week!

Traveling Family Get Together!

what a week

what a week

It is times like this that I wish I wrote more like my new friend Jennifer. She is one of those special people for whom the words flow gently as her fingers float over the keys.  Her take on our yacht racing adventure is so much more eloquent than anything I could write.

I write clunky, more like an elephant attempting to tiptoe through a garden.

Maybe it is the topics, Jennifer writes of exciting yacht racing, lifelong friendships and majestic evenings of wine and sunset.  In contrast, I choose to share absurd conversations demonstrating that there really are no secrets.

ME (with the question I didn’t actually expect to be answered): I lent my mobile phone to a friend,  and now I don’t know where she has gone, or if she can make contact.  Can you tell me what the balance is on the phone?

PHONE COMPANY REP: Do you know your pin number?

ME: Umm

PHONE COMPANY REP: That’s ok, you don’t really need it. (and he told me the balance)

ME: I don’t suppose you can tell me when it was last used.

PHONE COMPANY REP: Sure I can. (and he did).

Why was I doing this? Let’s just say precaution.

What about the rest of the week? I am out of time, sorry.



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  1. says

    Hi Rhonda .. that sounds like life full on – I hope the friend has been traced back safely via your phone … glad you’re participating in the A-Z … it’s always chaotic, but fun ..

    Cheers for now – have that peaceful weekend? Hilary

  2. says

    Nothing is more precious, or harder to find than ‘free’ time. I say it’s a myth. Tasks seem to expand to fill the time you have.

  3. says

    Some of the best laid plans just never see the light of day. You seem to be busier than ever. You’ll figure it all out in due time.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. says

    those numbers are too big for me to comprehend, in terms of people and events! you survived and enjoyed most, thats what counts!

    yay you are doing a to z!

  5. says

    Wow. What a week. It’s always so nice to have visitors in the home. A lot of extra work, but generally well worth it.

    I’m signed up for the A to Z Blog Challenge in April as well. I had planned to have some of my posts written already, but…

    I just never seem to get ahead.

  6. says

    With all your traveling, I’m sure you’ll have plenty to write about for the A-Z Challenge. I wish I could come visit you in NZ, but I may have to send my youngest instead. She just applied for the study abroad program. Keeping my fingers crossed that she gets her wish of studying in Oceana. If she doesn’t get to see you (or even if she does), take care of my nephew.

    • says

      I do have plenty, but now that my kids are in school I am so busy I don’t seem to have time to any of the pre-blogging.
      Of course I will look after your family, and when you do come, I hope they will spare you a bit (a really big bit). How very cool if you daughter gets here too.

    • says

      Thanks Alex. That sounds so funny coming from you, I wish I had the time to do all that you do!!! You must have a masters in time management.

      As for cash, we swapped house and car as much as possible. LOL – living in Spain for 10 weeks was cheaper than being at home.

  7. says

    Blimey Rhonda you have been busy hosting a dinner for 18 woyuld scare the s… out of me heheh!

    Good luck with your challenge you are gonna be so busy

    Have a great weekend sorry was late getting around

    • says

      It was very much a cooperative meal. I was more worried about 10 kids ages 10-16, before I met them. Then I discovered an amazing group of kids and all was well.

  8. says

    Busy week!

    Do you find interesting how school seems so busy compared to homeschooling? My daughter’s going to school in Mexico for 6 months, and I swear, some days I feel like I’m doing nothing but driving back and forth to the campus. Then there’s the homework rodeo. And of course the lunch-packing scramble/negotiation adds a particularly zesty start to my day.

    Glad you got to meet up with other travelers. That’s always wonderful. And you’ve made me miss sailing! :-)

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