Uphill – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

U is for uphill.

Walking to the lookout on Mt. Victoria in Wellington

Walking to the lookout on Mt. Victoria in Wellington

Practical Information: 

  • New Zealand is a country created on volcanic fields, so up is a common direction.
  • This photo was taken when we had hiked about half way up Mt Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city.
  • For an uphill walk, it’s a relatively easy climb to 196m above the city, where we were rewarded with expansive views from the lookout. However, I think my favourite view is the one featured on this page.

Posted for the AtoZ challenge 2016.

A to Z Challenge 2016

Do you hike uphill for the challenge or for the rewarding views at the top? 

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Walking uphill to the lookout on Mt. Victoria in WellingtonThis post is linked at Photo Friday at Pierced Wanderings, and Sunday’s in My City at the Unknown Mami.

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  1. says

    I keep going back through your photographs, and my how beautiful. You’re the expert! If folks have never thought of visiting, they will once they view these and see how wonderful your book is.

  2. Stefanie says

    If I’m hiking up hill it’s for both reasons – the exercise, and then I better be rewarded with a great view.

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