Relaxing in Aruba – A Tropical Cruise Port

Palm Beach on the Caribbean island of Aruba

After three days at sea on the Island Princess, our first port was the island of Aruba in the southern Caribbean.  Famous for white sand, blue water and plenty of sunlight, Aruba did not disappoint. The port is right in town and our time here was pretty short, from 7am to noon. We opted to […]

Essaouira: We Saw Surfers, Horses, and Camels on this Moroccan Beach

Essaouira Morocco on Horseback

Essaouira Morocco with its warm days, exotic aromas, cobblestone streets and an eclectic mix of beach goers was the first image that popped into my head when asked by Lexa Cain to join a blog hop about my favorite summer vacation spot. I have been to cleaner, more beautiful beaches on tropical islands like Fiji […]

Photo Highlights 2014: Ocean Adventures – Fun on the Water

Royals Racing in Auckland on America's Cup Yatchts

When we are not traveling we live in Auckland, New Zealand, the “City of Sails” so it’s no surprise that many of my 2014 photos highlights are ocean adventures. Home or away, I do love being out on the sea, or at least nearby. Have a look and see if you agree that these are […]

Anniversary Kiss Under the Sea in Samoa

Kiss Under the Sea

Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary this year in Samoa with a ‘romantic’ kiss under the sea: Just a bit of anniversary photo fun for Wordless Wednesday. Have you tried to kiss under the sea or with a snorkel (it doesn’t work very well)? I link up first at BeThere2Day.  

Samoa Highlights: Top 10 Things to Do (And Driving Tips)

Samoa Highlights

Adventure is around every corner on beautiful Upolu, the main island of Samoa. While we came for a break, we found our selves stopping to swim into a cave, jump into a trench, feeding turtles and visit an author’s home.  Upolu is the main island of Samoa and home to it’s capital city Apia.  Despite our […]

Island Paradise – Relaxing in the Tropics in Fiji ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Snorkeling off Malolo Island in Fiji's Mamanuca Islands

We do stop and rest, and my favorite spot is any island paradise in the tropics.  Fiji is always a popular destination from New Zealand, as it is relatively close, affordable and when we leave the mainland we can always find an island paradise.   We visited Fiji in 2004 and 2011. You can read […]

SCUBA Diving and Getting the Bends in Bonaire

what did he say

It was many years ago, before I had children, even before I met my husband.  I was on a SCUBA diving holiday with my best friend in Bonaire, it’s a Dutch island about 50 miles north of the Venezuela coast. That’s me in red and black: Someone even got a shot of me under the […]

World-Schooling: Things My Girls Have Learned Traveling


For us, home schooling is an exciting adventure, it is a journey, not a chore. Geography, culture, history, language we did via world schooling. It’s a relatively new term and difficult to define. To us, world schooling is learning while being out in the world, a form of unschooling, mixed with self-schooling, and travel. In 2012 we […]

Open Up to New Experiences – Participate In Local Life (AtoZ)

particpate in local life

Open up to new experiences and participate in local life is my favorite travel tip, as it is what transforms us from tourist to travelers. We don’t want to watch, we want to participate. As it is Wordless Wednesday in addition to AtoZ Travel Tips, I offer these examples. Participate In Local Life  All photos […]

Surfing Lessons in Essaouira Morocco

Learning to Surf in Essaouira Morocco 2

Home to many international surfing and windsurfing competitions, Essaouira Morocco is probably most famous for being windy. When the surf is up, all of the water babies come out to play. Our girls were no exception. For today, it was time to try something new and our girls chose two days of surfing lessons.  Based […]

More Fun in the Spanish Sun – Snorkeling and Diving in Palamós


More fun in the sun, a continuation from yesterday’s watersport photos adding snorkeling and SCUBA diving in Palamos to the mix of fun. The girls earned their open water certificates last year in Fiji.  Sarah wants to tell you about their diving in Palamós: Today Melissa and I went diving a little bit outside of the […]

A Week of Watersports in Costa Brava, Spain

boating 2

Time for some summer watersports fun!  Palamós, the town we are living in through our home exchange is a coastal community in Costa Brava Spain.  We decided to take a week of summer watersports. We rented a paddle boat in Palamós.  It was different than ones we had seen before as it had a slide, […]

A Week of Fiji Fun in Photos – Enjoying a Tropical Paradise

Fijian Native Dance

Fiji fun is everywhere in these islands.  No question about it.  We are just home from an amazing week, filled with adventure, excitement, friends and even a bit of relaxation.  We met up with the girl’s best friends, who sailed away from New Zealand in May and are cruising the South Pacific Islands. So much […]