Why Belize Makes for an Exhilarating Travel Experience

Pier in Belize

{This article on Belize was written for Albom Adventures by Sam of Soar Legs.} Belize is a tiny country on the eastern coast of Central America and is sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala. It has the Caribbean Sea to the east and a dense Central American jungle to the west. This small yet eclectic nation […]

Anniversary Kiss Under the Sea in Samoa

Kiss Under the Sea

Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary this year in Samoa with a ‘romantic’ kiss under the sea: Just a bit of anniversary photo fun for Wordless Wednesday. Have you tried to kiss under the sea or with a snorkel (it doesn’t work very well)? I link up first at BeThere2Day.  

Island Paradise – Relaxing in the Tropics in Fiji ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Snorkeling off Malolo Island in Fiji's Mamanuca Islands

We do stop and rest, and my favorite spot is any island paradise in the tropics.  Fiji is always a popular destination from New Zealand, as it is relatively close, affordable and when we leave the mainland we can always find an island paradise.   We visited Fiji in 2004 and 2011. You can read […]

Funny Underwater Photo As I Tried To Say Cheese

funny photos

My daughter got a new camera and I decided to pose for an underwater shot, only getting the timing right was really difficult, I tend to float back up to the top. My other teen helped out and the result is another funny underwater photo. Funny Underwater Photo of Me Photo ©Sarah Albom 2013. All […]

SCUBA Diving and Getting the Bends in Bonaire

what did he say

It was many years ago, before I had children, even before I met my husband.  I was on a SCUBA diving holiday with my best friend in Bonaire, it’s a Dutch island about 50 miles north of the Venezuela coast. That’s me in red and black: Someone even got a shot of me under the […]

More Fun in the Spanish Sun – Snorkeling and Diving in Palamós


More fun in the sun, a continuation from yesterday’s watersport photos adding snorkeling and SCUBA diving in Palamos to the mix of fun. The girls earned their open water certificates last year in Fiji.  Sarah wants to tell you about their diving in Palamós: Today Melissa and I went diving a little bit outside of the […]

Funny Underwater Photo – Our Family Swims In Fiji

Underwater Family Photo

Meet my family. Take a look at it and see if you notice why I think this is a funny underwater photo: Did you spot it? It’s the hand pushing down my head. It’s my favorite funny underwater photo.  If you are headed to Fiji, bring your snorkeling and SCUBA gear and also teh Lonely […]