Classic Stonehenge Photos: Europe’s Most Famous Megalithic Circle

Classic Stonehenge Image

A wonder of the world, the classic Stonehenge image is one I needed to see for myself. Archaeologists believe it was constructed around 3100 BC. It’s an impressive inspiration, an icon of Britain, and is probably Europe’s most famous prehistoric site, although not its oldest (we visited an older megalithic complex in Portugal, an older tomb […]

Photo Tricks: Shattering the Illusion of Broomstick Flying

broomstick flying photo tricks

Several years ago the girls and I took broomstick flying lessons in the same English courtyard that Harry Potter learned to fly. They were timed to fall just after the “On Location” tour of Alnwick Castle, which doubled as portions of Hogwarts. To this day, people still ask me about the day my girls did […]

Touring Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

Seeing Shakespeare performed live at London’s Globe Theatre will remain on my bucket list a bit longer. We were last in London in May of 2012, just a few months before the London Olympics were to begin. The Globe was in the middle of a series of 37 performances all from visiting troupes in their […]

Underground Saltmines, Tunnels, Caves and Fun ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Normally we travel above ground, but every once in a while the most interesting thing around is underground.  Here are a few of our favorites:   Have you been underground? Are you participating in the AtoZ Challenge 2014? My 2014 theme: My Photos of AmaZing Places. This “underground” post submitted for the letter U: Click […]

Ruins of The Old Abbeys of England ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire, England

I don’t know why, but I am fascinated by the ruins of the old abbeys of England dotted along the countryside.  I couldn’t get enough, although I think the girls and hubby reached their limit.  Here are a few of my favorite shots: Have you seen the ruins of the old abbeys of England? Which […]

A Royal Palace: Photos of the Homes of Queens and Kings


Q is for Queen, but today’s photos are about their homes and the gates that surround their Palace.  Each of these structures is unique and different. Masterpieces of their time. Literally, fit for a king. We saw many palaces as we traveled around the world, nearly all from the exterior. Only in Scotland were we premitted inside a […]

Exploring the Sherwood Forest In Search of Robin Hood

sherwood forest

Did you know the Sherwood Forest really exists in the Nottinghamshire?  We had to stop there last year whist we were driving through England. There several fun statues greeting us as we headed from the parking lot to the Visitor’s Center (although, I think the building in the background of this photos is actually the […]

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – Don’t Miss Once In A Lifetime Events

once in a lifetime

As we traveled around the world, we  stumbled upon some amazing once in a lifetime opportunities. Since today’s travel tip is for the letter Q, I will start with one of our big mistakes.  We were in England for the Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of 60 years at the throne. This was clearly a […]

Travel Photography Tips: Imagination Let’s You Fly (#AtoZ)

Imagination lets you fly

Imagination Let’s You Fly.  Really it does. Here’s proof: Imagination Let’s You Fly So, are my children flying? Are they on Magic broomsticks? Can you hear me say “up” as the broomstick rose to my hand? Did my teen flap her arms just enough times to actually leave the ground? I don’t think so – […]

Travel Tips for the UK and Ireland Visitors

York Castle

We just spent a month driving around the UK and Ireland with a teen and a tween. We learned a lot, made many mistakes and discovered some great secrets. Here are my best travel tips for the UK and Ireland: See London but save most of your time for the rest of country.  Go Slowly […]

My Photo with the Queen – Having a Bit of Fun in Bath England

Rhonda and the Queen

Diamond jubilee weekend and I couldn’t resist posing with a silly cardboard of her majesty, just so I could say I had my photo with the Queen. I think it is every little girl’s fantasy, to have their photo with the queen. Since it’s not likely ever going to be a reality for me, I […]

Roman Baths and Stonehenge: History and Wonderment in England

Roman Baths

After a very long travel day, which is not the way I would do it if I were traveling this way again, and a good night sleep we had a fantastic day of history and wonderment.  What could be better than a morning at the Roman Baths, followed by an afternoon at Stonehenge. Bath, England […]

Scottish Highlands: Hogwarts Express, Ruins & a Dog Fouling Sign

fort Williams

The “Hogwarts Express” is real, or at least it’s a real tourist attraction in the Scottish Highlands. The train runs from Fort Williams to the North and back. Sarah, our girl who chose a Harry Potter Studio tour for her birthday gift, was really hoping we could take a ride. Unfortunately I waited too late […]

Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster and Fort Augustus Locks

Loch Ness

We couldn’t go to Scotland without taking a boat trip on Loch Ness. (Loch is simply a Scottish word for lake or a sea inlet). Lake Loch Ness is the largest body of fresh water in Britain. Our boat trip went out in search of Nessie, the legendary Loch Ness monster. (You can check the latest sightings […]

Long Summer Days in Inverness, Scotland

Scotland-Inverness - 10

A change in the plan and we are now in Inverness a city in the Scottish Highlands, much farther north than we ever imagined we would be whilst still in the UK.  We are getting close to both the summer solstice and to the arctic circle, so the days are getting longer. The weather is […]

Scottish Highlands Must Sees: Garden, Pitlochry, and Blair Castle

fly fishing

We are heading north to the Scottish Highlands, an unplanned detour from Edinburgh thanks to a wonderful Scotsman named Derek, whom we met  last night. After hearing him talk about the highlands, we are on our way. He even helped us to book a charming guest house in Inverness, our home for the next two […]

Old Ruins Dot the British Countryside

Fountain Abbey

Old ruins dot the British countryside and really captured my attention. Now that we are out of the city, off the main roads and into the countryside, English history has really come alive for us.  I just love the cobblestone streets, narrow passage ways, stone buildings, and the old ruins. Today was a great day.  […]

Photo Tour of York, England’s Most Complete Medieval City

Clifford's Tower

York is a fascinating city, and one that we may have missed had we not met another traveling homeschool family in London. Thanks to their invitation we shared a homemade lunch with their family, and were even invited to stay for two nights. (Big thank you to Jane!) York is England’s most complete medieval city.  We spent two […]

Hundreds of Horseshoes at Oakham Castle


Oakham Castle has over 200 horseshoes hanging on its walls. It’s a tiny castle, built in the late 12th century. Interestingly, Oakham Castle has a unique tradition that royalty forfeit a horseshoe to the Lord of the Manor of the Castle on their first visit to the town. Even more interesting, the walls are filled with horeshoes that […]

Stratford-Upon-Avon: Home of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Birth Home - 6

Stratford-Upon-Avon, is another charming British town, made most famous by William Shakespeare.  While we loved London, we are really enjoying the small towns too.  The history is rich, and the architecture is amazing. Stratford-Upon-Avon is the birth place of William Shakespeare.  He was born, and he died here, and we got to visit both locations […]

Where To Find Harry Potter Film Sites at Oxford University

Oxford University

I visited to Oxford University for its rich history. I am pretty sure our teens were more interested in the on-site filming locations of the Harry Potter series. As we walked around the campus, we were surrounded by the tall, detailed, and amazing architecture.  I  see why the city of Oxford is known as the ‘city of the […]

Highlights of the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Sarah had her birthday the first week of our travels, but she celebrated it today at the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour.  It was the highlight of week of looking for Harry Potter in London, and even beat out broomstick flying lessons at the castle where Harry learned. Sarah wants to tell you all […]

Leicester Square and Hamley’s Toy Store – More London Fun

m&m store

We couldn’t resist the giant M&M store on Leicester Square in central London.  Once inside we found m&ms in 22 colors, plus lots of m&m fun everywhere.   As we were leaving the girls remembered the candy store in Dubai which claimed to be the world’s largest, yet this giant M&M store felt bigger to […]

Our Classic London Photos: Cathedrals, Parliament, Palace, and O2

london photos

So much history, and so many classic London icons. We tried to see as many as we could, intermixed with markets, modern buildings, movie premiers, candy shops, and of course Harry Potter. Regardless of where we went, I was glad to always have a camera in my hand. Despite the weather, I think classic London shines through. Or […]

Beheaded at the Tower of London – A Not To Be Missed Destination

Our amazing tour guide - who called took one look at the hat and called her "panada slayer."

No worries, we were not beheaded at the Tower of London, but we did learn about so many of the others who were.  Some of the more famous ones we can remember from our visit:  William Hastings 1483,  Queen Anne Boleyn 1536, Catherine Howard 1542, Lady Jane Gray 1554 and Robert Devereux 2nd Earl of […]