Travel Bloggers Share an Eclectic Mix of European Street Art

"Suspended" by Alice Pasquini in Germany

When I think about European street art Berlin, London, and Barcelona are the cities that first come to my mind. So I asked top travel bloggers where their favourite street art was located and I was surprised by some of the results. So many sent images that this is a multipart article, starting with European […]

Windmills of Mykonos, Greece ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Windmills of Mykonos, Greece

When I think of windmills, I used to think about the Netherlands. However, it is windmills of Mykonos that captured my heart. I have only been to a few of the Greek Islands, but Mykonos is my favorite: The stark white against the blue sky wasn’t only found on the windmills.  We saw it all […]

Greek Gods Get Respect – Know the Cultural Rules Before You Go

Greek Gods get respect

Greek Gods get respect – at least that’s what we found out rather quickly at the Agora in Athens. Visualize this:  A lovely day exploring ancient Greece in Athens. We arrive at the Agora and walk through the main building, snapping photos like so many travelers do. We are traveling with teens, but for today, […]

Running on the Track at the Original Olympic Village in Athens

Olympic Stadium in Athens

Sometimes we get to do really cool things and today was one of those days . . . we raced on the track in the original Olympic village in Athens, Greece. It wasn’t an official race, just our family, but just being in the original Olympic village was amazing.  We had a super busy day in Athens, taking in […]

Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, and Other Sights in Athens Greece

Acropolis in Athens Greece

We are in Athens Greece, just for the day as it is another port off the cruise ship. We knew right from the beginning that one day isn’t enough time to see this historical city. I have been to Athens before, but it’s all new to the rest of the family. To maximize our time, […]