Unique Ways to Travel: If You Haven’t Yet, You Really Should

Cruising in Iceland is a unique way to travel. Public domain photo by Dieter55

{This post was written for Albom Adventures by Kacey Mya.} The great thing about travel is that it never has to be the same way twice. Sure, it’s easy to take a plane or car somewhere, but even these methods can be spiced up a little bit to give you a more unique experience. In […]

B is for Britomart – AmaZing Auckland #AtoZ

Britomart Transportation Center in Auckland New Zealand

Getting into Auckland used to be an hour drive. Now, getting there is half the fun, ever since they started daytime ferry service from Gulf Harbour. Arriving on foot, I discovered Auckland has an extensive and effective public transportation system. From the start of Queen Street one can’t miss the regal Edwardian architecture of the […]

A Forest of Steel Trees at Britomart, Auckland Transport Hub

18 Kauri trees planted in Queen Elizabeth II Square in Auckland

I didn’t notice the forest of  stainless steel trees when I first walked into Britomart, the transportation hub in the Auckland central business district.  The entire building is an eclectic mix of old versus new, modern with hints of both the classical and the elements. From Queen Street the building exterior is virtually unchanged from […]

Photo Highlights 2013 (New Zealand, Alaska, and More)

maori warrior

I thought I would end the year with my photo highlights 2013. All photos on this page ©Rhonda Albom 2013. All rights reserved. (Click on any photo for more information. Each photo on this page links to it’s original post.) Did I miss any of your favorite photo highlights 2013? Do you prefer the cityscapes, […]

Skagway – Free Things To Do In This Alaska Cruise Port


Today we sailed into Skagway (Yukon Territory), another stunning port in the Alaskan interior passage. Famous for the spectacular scenery from the White Pass Railroad and another opportunity for aerial views, this time with the added bonus of dog sledding on the glacier. We didn’t do either of those things, however we did catch a […]

A Scenic Train Ride From Denali to Anchorage

train from denali

I think the train from Denali to Anchorage is the best way to travel.  It may not be the cheapest way to get from the national park to Anchorage, but it is stunning. It’s part of the Alaska railway system. Around every bend was a new surprise.  Along the river banks we frequently saw animals […]

Russian Security Is Serious – Learn From Our Mistakes

russian security

Russian Security Is Serious.  Here is your chance to learn from our mistakes.  Today’s travel tip: When in Russia, don’t go through security gates unless you know how it works, and what is on the other side. Fortunately, our airport encounters with Russian security were without incident. I really wish I had  filmed our encounter […]

Riding on the Marrakesh Express – Next Stop Marrakesh!

Marrakesh mosaics

Today we took the Marrakesh Express, the train from Rabat to Marrakesh in Morocco.  I was really excited, as I have wanted to visit Marrakesh ever since I heard Crosby Stills and Nash sing Marrakesh Express so many years ago.  It always seemed so exotic and far away. Well, it’s not far away anymore, and […]

Our Visit to Rabat, the Capital City of Morocco

rabat casbah

Train travel in Morocco is really easy.  Too bad the air conditioning in the first class compartments wasn’t working today. So we made it to Rabat a bit sweaty. Rabat is different than Fes or Meknes.  It is quite a bit less touristy.  Because it is the Moroccan capital city, there were quite a few […]

Flam, Norway: Waterfalls and the Fountain of Youth

Flam Norway

As we continued to cruise north along the Norwegian coast towards Flåm the days got longer, until it was never dark outside. The sun did dip just below the horizon for a few hours in the middle of the night, but it remained dusk. For a moment I wished that we had an interior cabin […]

Scottish Highlands: Hogwarts Express, Ruins & a Dog Fouling Sign

fort Williams

The “Hogwarts Express” is real, or at least it’s a real tourist attraction in the Scottish Highlands. The train runs from Fort Williams to the North and back. Sarah, our girl who chose a Harry Potter Studio tour for her birthday gift, was really hoping we could take a ride. Unfortunately I waited too late […]

Moscow Metro as a Destination – Tips Before You Start

moscow metro statue

More than just an easy way to get around the city, the Moscow Metro is a destination in itself. Many of the stations were built in the soviet era. They are clean, loaded with art work and history and each one is different. Moscow Metro tours seem quite popular, but we opted to do it […]

Travel Tips on China – Know Before You Go

Panjiayuan Flea market photo

We loved China (most of the time), and have come up with a list of our best travel tips on China.  Vising this Asian nation was interesting, frustrating, exciting, dirty, crowded, historic,  loud, colorful, stinky, inexpensive, polluted, multi-cultural, modern and ancient all at the same time. If you are headed to Asia, here are. . […]

World’s Fastest Train and Other First Day Sites in Shanghai China

nanjing road shanghai china

Shanghai, the world’s fastest growing city is also home to the world’s fastest train. The Maglev train runs from the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai China into the outskirts of town. Our arrival into Shanghai China in was easier than we had anticipated. ThePudong International Airport was easy to get around and we didn’t have to speak […]