Sarah’s Snapshots – Buenos Aires in Argentina

Passionfruit flower in Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, is a bustling city with new, interesting things to do at every turn. It has about 3 million people, while the province contains over 60% of Argentina’s population. I was able to visit Buenos Aires for a few days as part of a trip for my AFS student exchange, and it […]

Oregon Coast – A Photo Tour of Nature at its Best

Spouting Horn at Cook's Chasm in Cape Perpetua along the Oregon coast in the USA

Far away, yet right at home. It was an odd deja vu feeling as we drove down the spectacular Oregon coast. Nature’s best included cliff tops, blow holes, sea lions, and miles of wild beach. After 13 years living in New Zealand and traveling the world, I rarely feel completely at home, yet I did […]

Sarah’s Snapshots – La Redonda in Santa Fe Argentina

Leonardo Da Vinci swing, La Redonda, Santa Fe, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

My host sister here in Argentina works at a local community centre that I’ve visited multiple times. An old converted train station, La Redonda is now an art and public centre that’s open on the weekends and during holidays. It’s great for kids, with plenty of arts and crafts activities located along the walls, and also […]

Sarah’s Snapshots – My School in Argentina

Argentinian school. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

I was homeschooled in New Zealand, so going to school is a new concept for me. School in Argentina occurs in two segments – in the morning, or in the afternoon. Some students have to go to both segments, but this doesn’t occur in my school. For my school, the students in 3rd, 4th, and […]

Sarah’s Snapshots: Argentina Adventure Begins

Macro image taken in Santa Fe, Argentina. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2016

It’s been a week since I’ve arrived in Argentina, and in that time I’ve eaten 10 Bon o Bons. They’re definitely my new favourite food. Bon o Bon is an Argentinian sweet, with a chocolate-coated outside and a filling that reminds me of cream or peanut butter. I would show a photo of what they […]

Albom Adventures 2015 Photos: A Year In Review

Auckland Skyline as seen from the ferry coming into the city.

Looking back through our 2015 photos, I can see this was the year we fell deeper in love with New Zealand, our adopted country. Our overseas travel was limited as I was unwell for much of the year (I am cleared now). Plus both of the girls had good reason to stay around. Melissa focused on her […]

Highlights and Reflections of Amazing Auckland from #AtoZ

Amazing Auckland from AtoZ - highlights and reflections

New Zealand’s largest city, my current home town, is often seen as a starting or ending point rather than a destination of its own.  Exploring it in depth, I chose “AmaZing Auckland” as my theme for this year’s AtoZ blogging challenge, which finally comes to an end with this reflections post. If you missed any […]

Photos: Blue Glacier Ice in New Zealand, Norway, and Alaska

Blue Glacial ice of Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand

The first time we saw blue glacier ice was from a helicopter, looking down at Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand.  There was a fresh layer of new snow across much of the glacier, but in several spots we got views like this: A few years later we found ourselves in Norway in the summertime, and […]

Photos: Curtain Fig Tree in Tropical Queensland, Australia

Curtain Fig Tree is one of the largest trees in Tropical North Queensland Australia

Sometimes we just can’t resist tourist spots like the Curtain Fig Tree. Located just out of Yungaburra, it is one of the largest trees in Tropical North Queensland, Australia. We visited the tropical region of North Queensland back in 2010.  Since then we have been to Australia two more times.  Once to Sydney, and more […]

Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots #11 – Sydney Photos

Sculpture By The Sea

A few years ago we travelled to Sydney, Australia for mum’s birthday, and I’ve decided today to just share a few of my Sydney photos from when we had ‘hopped the ditch’. It was a really fun weekend, and we got to see a lot of the famous sights, as well as the annual Sculpture By The Sea […]

Photographing Lions Up Close with Car-L and Chris McLennan


Imaging getting so close to the lioness that you can photograph her teeth and tongue. Or looking into her eyes and snapping the shot just as she raises her paw to swat at the camera.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? This was the dream of New Zealand travel and wildlife photographer Chris McLennan, and with the […]

Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots #4- Samoa Close-Up

Samoa Close-up

About two weeks ago mum and dad took us for an awesome vacation in Samoa. While there, we got to stay in Saletoga Sands Resort, a recently opened resort owned by two kiwis (New Zealanders) Gavin and Lou. There were plenty of photo opportunities, and I took quite a few Samoa close-up pictures: Which Samoa Close-Up […]

My Photos of AmaZing Places – Reflections of #AtoZchallenge

another adventure

Thanks for traveling to AmaZing places with me. I had loads of fun sharing my photos. Hope you enjoyed it too. Here are links to all the posts should you want more. My reflections on the challenge are just below this travel photo summary: My reflections of this years A to Z challenge: As always, […]

Zig Zag Bridges in China ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Zig Zag Bridge in Suzhou, China. The bends stop the evil spirits from following.

Zig zag bridges are common in China, not because they are beautiful (although I think they are), but rather to keep away evil spirits who can only travel in a straight line.  They often lead to serene islands, symbolically taking followers from the chaos and bustle of a city to a peaceful spot. Possibly the […]

Yelapa, A Hidden Paradise in Mexico ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Yelapa Mexico

Yelapa is a hidden paradise easily accessible by boat from Puerto Vallarta. Located in the state of Jalisco in Mexico this small fishing village has also been a peaceful retreat for the rich and famous including Bob Dylan, Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper. Although none of them were there the day we visited, […]

eXpert Craftsman in Morocco ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Coppersmiths Hammer Pots and Other Wares in Seffarine Square in the Old Medina of Fez, Morocco

It seemed that everywhere we went in Morocco we met talented craftsman, many creating things by hand which are so frequently mass produced in the Western world that we often forget the expert craftsmanship required to create these things. We spent a bit over a month in Morocco in 2012, and I can’t wait to […]

A Royal Palace: Photos of the Homes of Queens and Kings


Q is for Queen, but today’s photos are about their homes and the gates that surround their Palace.  Each of these structures is unique and different. Masterpieces of their time. Literally, fit for a king. We saw many palaces as we traveled around the world, nearly all from the exterior. Only in Scotland were we premitted inside a […]

I Drank from the Fountain of Youth ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

fountain of youth

The fountain of youth – myth or reality? According to folklore and our extremely youthful looking Norwegian guide, Tvindefossen Falls is it. Located somewhere between Flaam and Voss in Norway, we stopped, climbed and drank, using our hands to cup the water. Did it work? Maybe yes, maybe it’s just silly, but either way, it […]

Aqueduct of Segovia Spain – A 2000 Year Old Roman Masterpiece ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Aqueduct of Segovia Spain is 16,220 meters in length and 28 meters tall

The aqueduct of Segovia is an engineering feat of the Roman Empire, built about 50 A.D. Twenty-eight meters tall and stretching 16,220 meters in length it is awe-inducing – but not simply due to size. It is held together solely by natural forces, with the unmortared granite bricks staying in place based on an innovative balancing technique. A symbol of Segovia, […]

The Great AtoZ Theme Reveal – See What I Am Doing

Spain - Santiago De Compostela - 27 (1)

Drum Roll please . . . It’s time for the great AtoZ theme reveal: My 2014 A to Z Blogging theme: My Photos of AmaZing Places We love to travel and tip the scale now at 42 countries, so picking 26 AmaZing spots was a bit more challenging than you might imagine. You will have […]

Photo Highlights 2013 (New Zealand, Alaska, and More)

maori warrior

I thought I would end the year with my photo highlights 2013. All photos on this page ©Rhonda Albom 2013. All rights reserved. (Click on any photo for more information. Each photo on this page links to it’s original post.) Did I miss any of your favorite photo highlights 2013? Do you prefer the cityscapes, […]

La Mezquita – Cathedral of Córdoba – A Must See in Spain

La Mezquita Cordoba

La Mezquita, also known as the Mosque – Cathedral of Córdoba is one of the most stunning buildings I have ever had the privilege to photograph. Located in southern Spain, in the town of Córdoba, it’s a must-see destination for travelers through the central or southern portion of the country. Its old, built even before the earliest […]

Celebrating a Lone Saguaro As We Drove Through The Arizona Desert

Arizona Desert

The Arizona desert is alive and thriving, blanketed with saguaro and other interesting cacti.  My parents had retired to the outskirts of Phoenix years ago, and stopping for a visit was one of our final destinations before leaving the United States.  We also wanted the girls to experience Las Vegas, so we rented a car […]

Alaska Photos – Glaciers, Waterfalls, and Reflections

alaska photos

Today I am sharing more of my Alaska photos and, since it’s Friday, I am also Celebrating Small Things, which come in the form of a few funny comments by teens and hubby.: I opened the bin of freshly baked Toll-House cookies and found only a note which read: “Thank You, Love, Cookie Monster.” Hubby […]

Hiking Savage River Trail in Denali National Park, Alaska

Savage River IMG_4384

As we sat excitedly on the bus approaching Savage River Trail, we expected to find a wildly cascading, rapidly running savage river. Instead we found a gently flowing stream, named after Tom Savage, in the foreground of some of the oldest rock formations on the North American continent, estimated to be 600 million to a […]