Collecting Cockles at Okoromai Bay in New Zealand

Ready to collect cockles (small clams) on Okoromai Bay in Auckland New Zealand

As the tide retreated we could see a few people collecting cockles at the water’s edge. I pointed them out to our Italian AFS exchange student, commenting that it is generally a summertime activity. It was only 12c yesterday, not a day I wanted to step into the water even with protective rubber boots. She, however, seemed […]

Muriwai Beach at King Low Tide, New Zealand

Muriwai Beach at King Low Tide

The wild west coast beaches of New Zealand are captivating on every visit, however, Muriwai Beach at the king low tide last week was remarkable.  My commentary, however, is best displayed with photos. I joined in with a photography group for the photo shoot, and I was pleased that my daughter Sarah decided to join too.  […]

Celebrating InterNations, Starfish at King Tide and IWSG

king tide

Last weekend’s king tide was one of the largest in quite a while. While this came with water spilling onto motorways at high tide, it was also a great opportunity to visit some usually “not accessible without a boat” spots at the low tide. Carefully timing the king tide for low, our photography group headed out to a […]

Celebrating the Changing Tides of Okoromai Bay, Auckland New Zealand

Changing tides at Okoromai Bay

Living on a tidal bay means that my world is full of changing tides and changing scenes, yet always amazing. Today I am Celebrating the Small Things with Viklit of Scibblings of an Aspiring Author. My celebrations: Celebrating the daily tidal flow, and the amazing summer opportunities it brings. New friends, old friends and everyone I […]

Seagull Trying to Pick Up an Eel on an Auckland Beach

playing with an eel

It is quite fascinating to watch this seagull as he studies the situation. Eventually they fly away together. Was the bird lovingly carrying his new friend in his mouth . . . or is he transporting his dinner? I have been getting out everyday to try different techniques and test the limits of my new camera, […]

A Sunken Ship in Okoromai Bay, New Zealand

sunken ship

As the tide goes out, this sunken ship becomes visible at the opening of Okoromai Bay into the Hauraki Gulf. Most days I can only see a small fraction of the bow and the boiler, both covered by mussels and other sea life that have made this sunken ship their home. Twice each year, at […]