Queen Street, the Center of Life in Auckland #AtoZ

The Maori gate at the entrance to Aotea Square on Queen Street in Auckland New Zealand

I imagine every major city has a street that does it all. In Auckland, it’s Queen Street, running for 3km from the waterfront through the central business district and then up to K Road. It is Auckland’s main commercial road, tourist destination, and transportation hub. It was named after Queen Victoria, who was head of […]

Touring Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

Seeing Shakespeare performed live at London’s Globe Theatre will remain on my bucket list a bit longer. We were last in London in May of 2012, just a few months before the London Olympics were to begin. The Globe was in the middle of a series of 37 performances all from visiting troupes in their […]

Imperial Russian Ballet in Auckland and Other Celebrations

Imperial Russian Ballet

This week our family watched the full length version Don Quixote performed by the Imperial Russian Ballet in Auckland. It’s a colorful mix of classical ballet and a sassy humor. It is a rare ballet that can hold the attention of all four of us, all the way through. Our Imperial Russian Ballet tickets are the […]

Sichuan Opera, Sichuan Food – More China Fun

Szechuan Opera

Sichuan (English spelling Szechuan) used to only conjure up images of food which was too hot and spicy food for me to eat. Last night that all changed as we went to a traditional Sichuan Opera. It’s a mix of styles, each act being completely different than the one before. There was drumming, comedy, acrobatics, […]