Warner Bros Studio Tour: Adding Magic and Shattering Illusions

The Central Perk on the set of television show Friends seen at Warner Bros Studio Tour

From the first moment of the Warner Bros Studio tour I was transported from reality. I am embarrassingly star struck, and a bit goofy at these types of places. My highlight list is long as I got to see Leonard and Sheldon’s living room (The Big Bang Theory), sit on the couch at Central Perk (Friends), turn on the bat […]

I Was A VIP At Warner Bros Studio

LA -Warner Bros 122

I didn’t know it was possible, but this week keeps on getting better, once again thanks to my incredible cousin Karen. I thought it was fun having my name on a list, but this was even better. Yesterday we pulled up to the Warner Bros studio security gate to pick up Karen after work. She […]

“Major Crimes” – Watching the Filming of a Hit TV Show


Today we were on the set of Major Crimes.  We watched the filming and re-filming of an interrogation scene that will air next month.  This was as cool as it sounds, and it’s all thanks to my amazing cousin Karen. When we arrived, we were on the list.  How awesome is that?  Let me repeat […]

Highlights of the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Sarah had her birthday the first week of our travels, but she celebrated it today at the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour.  It was the highlight of week of looking for Harry Potter in London, and even beat out broomstick flying lessons at the castle where Harry learned. Sarah wants to tell you all […]