Photos: Adorable Lambs in Shakespear Park, Auckland New Zealand

Adorable baby Lambs at Shakespear Park in Auckland New Zealand

Adorable lambs are bouncing all over Shakespear Park these days. Lambing season is the cutest time of the year in New Zealand and the Auckland region is no exception. From our house, we can walk to Shakespear Park. This is what we found last week: Adorable Lambs Practical Information: Shakespear Park is one of a […]

Mob of Sheep – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Mob of sheep at Shakespear Park, Auckland New Zealand

M is for a mob of sheep . . .  or maa Practical Information:  A group of sheep is called a mob. (More specifically, a mob of sheep is “a group or cohort of sheep of the same breed that have run together under similar environmental conditions since the previous shearing.”) In New Zealand, a mob […]

Docking Lambs – A New Experience for this City Girl

Docking Lambs in New Zealand

Living on the doorstep of an Auckland Regional Park offers us access to great hiking trails, varied beaches, and farm animals – in this case, sheep and cows. We all know the city girl in me is still intimidated by the cows, even after living in New Zealand for 12 years. No worries, today’s story […]

A Black Sheep in the Family: Baby Lambs in Shakespear Park

Spring lambs at Shakespear Park, Auckland New Zealand includes one black sheep

Black or white, bouncing, bleating, baby lambs make me smile. Despite the chill in the air, this is my favorite time of year to walk in Shakespear Park (A regional park north of Auckland New Zealand). Birthing is just about over and the hills are dotted with happiness. And this year there is a special […]

Are Ewe Pregnant? Scanning Sheep in New Zealand

Scanning Sheep today - the blue spot means pregnant with a single. At Shakespear Park, New Zealand

It was an unusual start to the day. I was invited out to Shakespear Park where they were scanning nearly 600 ewes (female sheep) in order to determine if they were pregnant with multiples, singles or “empty” (their words, not mine). As they use the same ultrasound equipment that is used on humans in hospitals […]

Sheep and Adorable Lamb Photos in Auckland #AtoZ

Sheep and lambs in Shakespear Park, Auckland, New Zealand

Ever since I moved to New Zealand, I have heard countless jokes about sheep. Let’s set the record straight: This is New Zealand, there are more sheep than people by a current factor of six, so we are looking at nearly 4.5 million people compared to just under 30 million sheep (the lowest numbers since […]

Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots #9 – Pippins in the Park

Pippins in the Park

It has been a few weeks since my last Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots post, and in that time we have moved to a new blog site! Last week, mum, who is in charge of a Girl Guide Pippin group (girls aged 5-7), took the girls to the nearby Shakespear Park for a hike, and I was allowed to […]

Early Lambing Season at Shakespear Park in New Zealand

Newborn lambs with their mama (New Zealand)

Adorable baby lambs are bouncing all over Shakespear Park, across the bay from our New Zealand home.  It’s mid-winter here, making it quite an early lambing season.  Sarah and I spent some time taking photos, and this one was too funny to keep to myself: Early Lambing Season So, what is that sheep saying . […]

Sheep on the Wrong Side of the Fence in New Zealand

Wrong Side of the Fence

Hiking in Shakespear Park the other day we came upon this sheep who had somehow crossed to the wrong side of the fence. The paddock on the other side was filled with soft white sheep. One in the proper paddock looks on as we think about the best way to assist. In reality, Shakespear Park […]

Expat Blog Contest – Funny Photos to Laugh at New Zealand

expat blog contest

Before we get Wordless . . .  I entered an expat blog contest, along with 170 other bloggers, and I need your vote. My entry appears only on their site and I think it’s the funniest thing I have written to date. How to vote (Dec 16-20): Read my post at: Top 10 Funny New […]

Lambs, Cows, Pukeko and More in New Zealand’s Shakespear Park

Shakespear park new zealand

There is no shortage of great hikes in New Zealand.  We are day hikers, and lucky enough to live near Shakespear Park, one of the many massive Auckland regional parks.  Before you ask, it was not a typo, the park is named after the Shakespear family who bought the land in the late 1800’s from […]

Bottle Feeding Baby Lambs at Sheep World in New Zealand

animals bitefeeding an Alpaca

I’ll admit it, I am a sucker for adorable, newborn baby lambs. Sheep World, located about an hour north of Auckland happen to have several when we visited. They were amongst several adorable animals they had on the property. The highlight of the visit is the sheep demonstration. Using the dogs to round up the […]

Dingle, Killarney, Ring of Kerry: Driving Ireland’s South Coast

Ring of Kerry

We headed South for two days in what many consider to be the three most beautiful spots in Ireland: Dingle, Killarney, and the Ring of Kerry. After spending time in Dublin, seeing the 5000 year old tomb at Newgrange and then stumbling upon the adorable town of Adare, or exceptions were quite high. First the […]