Stardome Observatory: An Evening Under the Auckland Stars

Zeiss telescope at Stardome Observatory in Auckland New Zealand

It started out as a beautiful clear night, a perfect evening to visit the Stardome Observatory in Auckland. Normally I wouldn’t care about the weather when heading to a planetarium but Stardome Observatory is different. The planetarium show we selected was live and interactive, both the presenter and the audience asked questions of each other. Narrating, he took us […]

Find South with Stars: Things I Learned at Carter Observatory in Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand's largest refracting telescope is in Carter Observatory, Wellington, New Zealand

From the big bang to space exploration, Carter Observatory in Wellington took us through time with colorful exhibits. Sarah and I visited during our recent mother-daughter adventure. We went on Saturday night in hopes of seeing the  refracting telescope at work. We were tired after a morning Walk Wellington tour and a visit to the […]

Planetarium, Science Museum and Baby Chicks in La Coruña, Spain

Family heat photo

On our last day in La Coruña, we visited the Planetarium and Science Museum.  As it was only a few blocks from our home exchange house, it had been easy to “save for tomorrow” everyday. Like so many places in La Coruna, very little was in English. However, with the large number of interactive exhibits, and […]