Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #34 – Night Sky

'Supermoon' by ©2015 Sarah E. Albom. Taken in Auckland, New Zealand of the September 2015 supermoon.

We live in a neighbourhood without a lot of artificial light, and on clear nights we can very clearly see the night sky above us. Astronomy has always interested me, and I love photos of the stars and the moon. I’ve taken quite a few photos of the night sky over the past year or […]

Photo: Moon Rise on a Cloudy New Zealand Night

Moon Rise over Shakespear Park in Auckland New Zealand

“Wow, look at the moon rise.” I grabbed a camera as I turned, just in time to see the top edge duck under the cloud cover. This time we were on the wrong side of the planet to see the eclipse, yet our super moon rise was still pretty spectacular. The sheep in Shakespear Park […]

Blood Moon over New Zealand: Beauty or the Apocalypse

Blood moon over New Zealand

Often called a blood moon, the red cast during last month’s total lunar eclipse offered me this series: Albom Adventures featured Amazing Auckland from AtoZ for the 2015 AtoZ blogging challenge throughout April, which is why you are seeing these photos today, rather than last month. Why is the moon red ? As the earth eclipses […]

Photo: Moonrise Over Shakespear Park in New Zealand

Moonrise over Shakespear Park, an Auckland Regional Park in New Zealand

Some nights are better than others.  Three nights ago I happen to look out the window to the Northeast and see a stunning moonrise over Shakespear Park, just as the sunset was beginning to add brilliant color to the sky. Moonrise Over Shakespear Park Shakespear Park is one of the many beautiful Auckland Regional Parks.  It […]