Lord of the Rings – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Gollum on display at the Wellington Airport in New Zealand

L is for Lord of the Rings… or large. Practical Information:  Wellington airport bills itself as the middle of Middle Earth. The Gollum photoed on the page was installed in October 2012. The total exhibit has three fish and is 13 metres long and 3 metres high. The Lord of the Rings trilogy utilized over 150 filming […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #27 – Hobbit Movie Costumes

Glamdring - elvish sword of Gandalf the Grey

Last week while at a waterfront cafe in Wellington, New Zealand mum and I came across a glass case containing the costume of Legolas from the Lord of the Rings (LoTR). Me, as a huge LoTR fan, became extremely excited when we found out that there was a whole trail of Hobbit movie costumes scattered about […]