Grampians to Melbourne: Kangaroos, Skinks, Waterfalls and More

Bobtail Skink seen in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia

Waterfalls and wildlife, our days in the Grampians region were filled with natural beauty. Inland from Victoria’s southern Australian coast, Grampian National Park is a perfect base for exploration. Best shared in photos: Practical Information: The Grampians National Park is located in Victoria and is comprised of rugged sandstone mountain ranges and forests. We barely […]

Uphill – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Walking to the lookout on Mt. Victoria in Wellington

U is for uphill. Practical Information:  New Zealand is a country created on volcanic fields, so up is a common direction. This photo was taken when we had hiked about half way up Mt Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. For an uphill walk, it’s a relatively easy climb to 196m above the city, where we were […]

Hiking Mount Victoria in Wellington

View while hiking Mount Victoria in Wellington New Zealand

A few eyes rolled when I suggested hiking Mount Victoria during our recent visit to Wellington, one of my favourite New Zealand cities. At 196 metres, it is taller than any natural point in Auckland, and the 360 degree views from the top are well worth the effort. And effort it was. We were later told we […]

Lookout and Enjoy these Views of AmaZing Auckland #AtoZ

View of from the top of the Sky Tower, Auckland New Zealand

Being built on the remnants of 53 volcanoes, Auckland is a city with no shortage of great lookouts and viewing platforms. My favorite is the lookout tower in Shakepsear Park, as it is so close to home. However, for a closer view, I tend to bring  guests to Mt. Victoria or North Head in Devonport.  […]