7 Types of Tours and Guidelines for Organizing Each of These

Private Guide

{This is a sponsored post written by Private Guide.} Not every traveler would accept with pleasure an invitation to wander around the city for hours. There’s no sense in persuading or making him change his mind: there are also other tours to do instead of sightseeing ones. Someone is happy to go to the mountains […]

We Had a Blast at The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan


Legs spread shoulder-width apart, the lumberjack lifted the axe overhead and with one sweeping motion drove it down into the log below his feet. We gasped and cheered, as the presence of danger mixed with the excitement and spirit of competition between two world class athletes held our attention at the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show in […]

Skagway – Free Things To Do In This Alaska Cruise Port


Today we sailed into Skagway (Yukon Territory), another stunning port in the Alaskan interior passage. Famous for the spectacular scenery from the White Pass Railroad and another opportunity for aerial views, this time with the added bonus of dog sledding on the glacier. We didn’t do either of those things, however we did catch a […]

Whale Watching in Hoonah – Alaska Cruise Port Icy Strait Point

AK - Hoonah 647

Whale Watching in Hoonah will probably be the highlight of this 2 week Alaska adventure we are enjoying. I know everyone who takes a whale watching trip here in Icy Straight Point will see whales, but I really believe our trip with Hoonah Travel Adventures gave us far better opportunity than those who chose an […]

Canals, St. Marks, Bridges, and a Gondola in Venice Italy

Gondolas in Venice Italy

Venice is the final port on our 12 night Mediterranean cruise. We arrived the day before we disembarked, giving us an opportunity to come ashore in the evening, and return to sleep on the ship. Such an interesting city, I wish we had spent significantly more time here. However, we didn’t, so we only had time […]

Toulon: A Cruise Port in the French Riviera

French Riviera

The French Riviera beaches are stunning, and the cruise ship port of Toulon is no exception.  It was our first port-of-call and we were ready to explore.  I don’t know about you, but when I think of the French Riviera I think of expensive hotels, posh restaurants and topless beaches. Lucky for us we had […]

Oslo in a Day: Ski Jump, Sculputers and Vikings Ships

Ski Jump in Oslo

Only one day in Oslo, the capital of Norway, is not the optimal way to see this beautiful city. For us, it is our only current option as it is the final port of our cruise through the Fjords before we head back to the UK.  We all had our wish list, and none of […]

Bergen Norway Offering View from Above and an Historical Village

Bergen Norway

Bergen is stunning, a magical town that caught me by surprise. Not always good surprise, but it kept me on my toes. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. Arriving via MSC cruise ship, we opted not to do an official excursion from the ship, but rather to do things on our own. Visually, we were in […]