An Unusual Cemetery in Comillas in Northern Spain

Cemetery of Comillas, Cantabria, Spain

Comillas is one of many small townships we visited as we travelled across northern Spain from La Coruña to Lourdes, France. Located in the autonomous community of Cantabria, Comillas is a charming and beautiful town most noted for its cemetery, old university, palace, monuments, and Gaudi’s summer home. We visited here about 3 years ago, yet the photos […]

Colourful Photos from Wellington Botanic Garden

A rainbow of colorful hydrangeas in Wellington Botanic Garden New Zealand

Half the fun of the Wellington Botanic Garden is getting there. We arrived into town late in the day, checked into our apartment, and headed to Lambton Quay. It’s the centre of Wellington and the location of the Cable Car entrance. At the top is the Wellington Botanic Garden. I am generally not a huge fan of this type of place, but […]

One Tree Hill, an Auckland Icon, but Where is the Tree? #AtoZ

Look out from One Tree Hill, Auckland New Zealand

We hadn’t been to One Tree Hill for years when we headed up a few weeks ago thinking about P for Park, V for Volcano, M for Maungakiekie (its Māori name) or L for Lookout. It didn’t take long to remember One Tree Hill has its own story. Are you wondering, where is the tree? Practical Information […]

Our Visit To Arlington National Cemetery


There are few places in the world we have visited where “laughing our way around the world” really wasn’t appropriate.  Arlington National Cemetery is one of those places.  We were greeted with this sign, followed by the statue with the majestic bald eagle. Although I am an expat, I am an American and our visit […]

Skagway – Free Things To Do In This Alaska Cruise Port


Today we sailed into Skagway (Yukon Territory), another stunning port in the Alaskan interior passage. Famous for the spectacular scenery from the White Pass Railroad and another opportunity for aerial views, this time with the added bonus of dog sledding on the glacier. We didn’t do either of those things, however we did catch a […]

Our Visit to Rabat, the Capital City of Morocco

rabat casbah

Train travel in Morocco is really easy.  Too bad the air conditioning in the first class compartments wasn’t working today. So we made it to Rabat a bit sweaty. Rabat is different than Fes or Meknes.  It is quite a bit less touristy.  Because it is the Moroccan capital city, there were quite a few […]

Finding the Synagogue in the Old Jewish Quarter in Fes, Morocco

Fes Jewish Quarter

Like most Moroccan cities, there is an old Jewish Quarter in Fes. In days past the Jews and Muslims lived side by side in harmony. Although the housing was noticeably different. Walking the streets, you know you have arrived in the old Jewish quarter in Fes when the windows of the houses change from small, dark and […]

Long Summer Days in Inverness, Scotland

Scotland-Inverness - 10

A change in the plan and we are now in Inverness a city in the Scottish Highlands, much farther north than we ever imagined we would be whilst still in the UK.  We are getting close to both the summer solstice and to the arctic circle, so the days are getting longer. The weather is […]

A Tour of The Old Jewish Quarter in Prague – One Of Europe’s Oldest

The Old Jewish Cemetery

Standing in the Prague Jewish Quarter I experienced a flood of different emotions. History is all around as the area contains the oldest Jewish European synagogue, cemetery and other artefacts. It contains some of the only surviving Jewish buildings of WWII, thanks to a bizarre plan for the structures. Czechoslovakia had become a protectorate of Nazi Germany […]