Impressive da Vinci Machines: Traveling Exhibit now in Auckland at MOTAT

A flying machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the traveling da Vinci Machines exhibit.

Leonardo da Vinci was a genius who was hundreds of years ahead of his time. Whether you know of him as an artist, an inventor, a designer, an anatomy expert, or a renaissance man, you will probably discover another facet of his brilliance at the Leonardo da Vinci Machines exhibit. Traveling around the world, it is now in […]

Is the San Francisco CityPASS a Good Deal?

Cable Car rides are included in the San Francisco City Pass

I lived in San Francisco for 15 years and it is still one of my favorite cities. This is the first visit that we had a San Francisco CityPASS, and I enjoyed it. While I think most people get it for the museum entries, we loved the unlimited transportation on the cable car or the city bus. We took the […]

MOTAT: Hands-On Transport and Technology Fun in Auckland

Steam house that drives the pump room at MOTAT, Auckland, New Zealand

MOTAT, New Zealand’s Museum of Transport and Technology is much more interesting than I remembered it to be. Aside from special events like Halloween, or my recent visit to the Aviation Dispaly Hall (MOTAT 2), I hadn’t been to the main MOTAT museum in years, not since my girls were little. So, when it came to […]

Find South with Stars: Things I Learned at Carter Observatory in Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand's largest refracting telescope is in Carter Observatory, Wellington, New Zealand

From the big bang to space exploration, Carter Observatory in Wellington took us through time with colorful exhibits. Sarah and I visited during our recent mother-daughter adventure. We went on Saturday night in hopes of seeing the  refracting telescope at work. We were tired after a morning Walk Wellington tour and a visit to the […]

Does Toilet Water Spin the Opposite Direction Across the Equator?

Water Spin the Opposite Direction

We get asked all sorts of interesting and fun questions about our travels.  One that comes up often, and again yesterday: Does the toilet water spin the opposite direction when we cross the equator? Living with a rocket scientist has its advantages, we know the answer, and it applies to more than just the toilet […]

Open Day for Tunnel Boring Machine in NZ

tunnel boring

All around the world we have encountered tunnels which allow us to drive through hillsides without incident.  Two of my favorites are: The rainbow tunnel (I am pretty sure it has a name) in Marin county outside of San Francisco: Image Credit: Photo by Lisa Padilla The tunnel in Salzburg, Austria: Did you ever wonder […]

Anchorage Museum – A Great Introduction To This Magnificent State

AK-Anchorage Museum 133

A few hours at the Anchorage Museum and we quickly discovered that Alaska is much more than the awe inspiring grandeur of it’s scenery and the immense array of wildlife.  It’s home to people with stories of discovery and hardship, struggle and success, of economy, culture and wonder. As we continue our travels around the […]

La Brea Tar Pits – An Amazing Bit of History and Fun!

La Brea Tar Pits

Imagine you are walking along the streets of LA and suddenly you are immobile, unable to walk. You look down and your feet have sunk only 5 inches into the asphalt. You are not just a little stuck, but rather completely unable to free yourself. As you struggle, terrified you and suddenly feel the huge […]

How To Separate Water – Our Homeschool Science Project


Do you know how to separate water? To be honest, I didn’t even know it was possible. Sure, I knew that water was H2O.  I even knew that was two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. I just had no idea you could return them to their gas forms. Check it out:   And, it’s […]

World-Schooling: Things My Girls Have Learned Traveling


For us, home schooling is an exciting adventure, it is a journey, not a chore. Geography, culture, history, language we did via world schooling. It’s a relatively new term and difficult to define. To us, world schooling is learning while being out in the world, a form of unschooling, mixed with self-schooling, and travel. In 2012 we […]

What’s Missing from this map in Spain?

Map of the world missing New Zealand

We came across this exhibit of the exploration, complete with a map in Spain. Without reading an explanation, my girls took one look at it made an observation. See if you can guess, why my girls are (pretending to be) sad? Here is a clue: Did you figure it out?  New Zealand is missing. While we […]

Planetarium, Science Museum and Baby Chicks in La Coruña, Spain

Family heat photo

On our last day in La Coruña, we visited the Planetarium and Science Museum.  As it was only a few blocks from our home exchange house, it had been easy to “save for tomorrow” everyday. Like so many places in La Coruna, very little was in English. However, with the large number of interactive exhibits, and […]