Photos of Kings Park and Botanic Gardens in Perth Australia

Boab Tree in Kings Park and Botanic Gardens in Perth Australia

Western Australia (WA) is quite different from the cities in the east we travelled to on our loop over the top of Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Caines, and Darwin). WA is home to half of Australia’s plant species, and most are endemic to the region. Located in Kings Park, the Western Australia Botanic Gardens is a […]

Xanthospermous – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Kowhai - the unofficial flower of New Zealand is a Xanthospermous as it has yellow seeds

X is for xanthospermous . . .  meaning having yellow seeds. Practical Information:  Kowhai is often considered to be the national flower of New Zealand, although officially, the country doesn’t have a national flower. It is not uncommon in summer to see Tui drunk in the trees (or falling out) after drinking the Kowhai nectar. […]

Flowers – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Flowers seen at the Auckland Domain Wintergardens in Auckland New Zealand

F is for flowers . . .  or fragrant. Practical Information:  I took this photo in the Wintergardens on the Auckland Domain. It is a Salpiglossis from their Royale mix series. New Zealand, being a relatively isolated island, has one of the richest bio-diverse flora on earth offering a wide range of flowers, with 80% of flora being native. […]

Colourful Photos from Wellington Botanic Garden

A rainbow of colorful hydrangeas in Wellington Botanic Garden New Zealand

Half the fun of the Wellington Botanic Garden is getting there. We arrived into town late in the day, checked into our apartment, and headed to Lambton Quay. It’s the centre of Wellington and the location of the Cable Car entrance. At the top is the Wellington Botanic Garden. I am generally not a huge fan of this type of place, but […]

Photos of Sydney Australia Testing Limits: Olympus 14-150mm

Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney Australia

Today I am taking you on a photo tour of the little things that made our weekend in Sydney Australia so special. It was a quick trip. Our first stop was the camera store where I got a new Olympus 14-150mm lens. I switched to the mirror-less micro four-thirds technology over a year ago, and […]

Celebrating Remission at the Colorful Parnell Rose Gardens in Auckland

Parnell Rose Gardens in Auckland New Zealand. Photo by Rhonda Albom

Today the world seems to be bright, colorful and smiling back at me. After a successful doctor visit, we headed to the Parnell Rose Gardens in Auckland’s oldest neighborhood. With the Festival of Roses less than two weeks away, we took a chance that the roses would be in bloom. And what we found was […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #25 – Ferns and Thorns

Gorse bush thorns at Camp Waipu in New Zealand

These last few weeks we’ve been very busy, with back-to-back camps and starting up schoolwork again, so there is plenty of new news. Recently, I was invited to join a Photography course at the local college (high school), and I’m really excited about it. I’ve already taken a few classes, and it seems very interesting. We also went camping […]

Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots #24 – Long Grass

Purple long grass in Shakespear Park, New Zealand

My family go across the bay to Shakespear Park quite a lot, whether it’s to hike, picnic, or take pictures of smiley face crop circles. Summer in New Zealand is about halfway over now (Is it me, or are the holidays whizzing by at super speed?), and though it has been a much wetter season than […]

Colorful Sunflowers – Photos from Spain – In Memory of Tina

Field of Sunflowers in Pals, Costa Brava, Spain

Standing alongside other bloggers, like a field of sunflowers looking up towards the sky, we say goodbye to a friend. Today we share sunflowers in memory of Tina Downey, an on-line friend who left this world far too soon. Tina loved sunflowers, so in her honor is a splash of yellow. The flowers you see […]

Re-branding this Travel Blog – Please Help Pick the New URL

Royals Racing in Auckland on America's Cup Yatchts

It’s time for re-branding and I need your help. In 2012 I went around the world and this blog followed my travels.  It’s never gone back and now it’s time for a new name to catch up. What you find here now is my travel photography, travel stories, expat escapades and hopefully someday soon, information […]

Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots #3 – Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, Samoa

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Over the past week, mum and dad took us for an awesome vacation in Samoa. While there, we visited the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. He is the author of Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and over sixty other novels, poems, and short stories. A large collection of his original belongings still reside in his house, and I took […]

Hiking to Fuipisia Falls – A Hidden Gem in Samoa

The rushing waterfall - Fuipisia Falls, Samoa

Fuipisia Falls is a hidden gem. It’s located on family land in Samoa. Not our family but rather a wonderful Samoan family who took us through the bush and across a creek to see the rushing waterfall in the rain. We spent last week in Samoa. Fuipisia Falls was one of the highlights of our day driving […]

Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots #1 – Flower Photos

Flower photo by Sarah E Albom

I am so excited to share my blog with my daughter Sarah.  She is only 14, and her eye for photography blows me away.  Recently she was accepted into The Wish Project, a mentorship program for aspiring teen photographers from Three Little Wishes Photography in Auckland. Without further ado, welcome to: Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots #1 – […]

The Great AtoZ Theme Reveal – See What I Am Doing

Spain - Santiago De Compostela - 27 (1)

Drum Roll please . . . It’s time for the great AtoZ theme reveal: My 2014 A to Z Blogging theme: My Photos of AmaZing Places We love to travel and tip the scale now at 42 countries, so picking 26 AmaZing spots was a bit more challenging than you might imagine. You will have […]

Pohutukawa, The Kiwi Christmas Tree

Kiwi Christmas Tree

The Pohutukawa is aptly nick-named the Kiwi Christmas tree as its red flowers bloom in late December. They seem to be everywhere in New Zealand. While some people plant them, most have been here longer than the people. Image Source: Photo by Abri le Roux Here is a closer view of the flower: Image Source: […]

A Big Stinky Flower – The Titan bloomed in Washington DC

Stinky flower in Washington DC

We were in Washington DC the day the big stinky flower bloomed! Which in itself is quite good timing as it blooms about once per decade for only 24-48 hours. Even better, we were at the US Capitol and Library of Congress, walking distance of the The United States Botanic Garden, where it lives. The […]

Anchorage to Whittier – A Photo Journey (To The Cruise Ship)

Brown bear in Alaska

We like to make every journey an adventure, so when we discovered that the cruise ship leaves out of Whittier, a few hours from Anchorage, we hired a guide to get us from Anchorage to Whittier.  And not just any guide.  We hired Steve from Greatland Adventures who picked us up at 9am and dropped […]

Horse Riding in Santillana Del Mar in Northern Spain

Santillana del Mar-Plaza Major

I am not a huge fan of horses, so it seemed like a perfect day for a bit of separation.  The girls rode off with Alberto, another 14 year old and saw the hills and beach around Santillana Del Mar.  Then they came back through the old town. Hubby and I saw the cafes in […]

A Photo Tour: the Medieval Town of Pals, Spain

stone archways

Today we walked through a fairytale as we explored the medieval town of Pals in Girona, Spain. Surprisingly, this town, thought of as being one of the best preserved Gothic sites in its region of Spain is only a 30 minute drive north from our Palamós home exchange house, although it is quite a bit inland. […]