Warner Bros Studio Tour: Adding Magic and Shattering Illusions

The Central Perk on the set of television show Friends seen at Warner Bros Studio Tour

From the first moment of the Warner Bros Studio tour I was transported from reality. I am embarrassingly star struck, and a bit goofy at these types of places. My highlight list is long as I got to see Leonard and Sheldon’s living room (The Big Bang Theory), sit on the couch at Central Perk (Friends), turn on the bat […]

The Making of an Irish Coffee: Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco

Making an Irish Coffee at Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco

As I sipped my classic Irish Coffee while sitting at the bar of San Francisco’s Buena Vista Cafe, for just a moment I was transported back to a gentler time. Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista is a bit cliché, but it’s part of my history, my memories from living in this town that I love so […]

Pike Place Market: Where to Catch Fish in Seattle

Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington is one of the longest continuously running farmers market in the United States

Visiting Pike Place Market is a Seattle tradition. An iconic destination opened in 1907, it is one of the country’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s markets. Today it is much more than just a farmer’s market. It’s an impressive pillar of the community, a top tourist attraction, a place for locals to shop for fresh meats, fish […]

The Not-So-Famous Welcome to Fabulous Auckland Sign

Welcome to Fabulous Auckland Sign

Fabulous Auckland. That’s how I often describe it, but now it is a bit more permanent title. Let’s start at the beginning: Walking up a steep, unfamiliar street somewhere between Newmarket and the Auckland Domain I glanced inside an open warehouse and found a treasure. In the midst of the nothingness, a serendipitous discovery. A […]

Auckland Celebrity Walk – Rivaling LA for Famous Hand Prints

Start of the Celebrity Walk in Auckland New Zealand

I remember how excited I was to take our teens to Grauman’s Chinese Theater to see the hand and foot prints of the stars when we were in Los Angeles last year.  Little did I know then, but Auckland also has a celebrity walk of fame. And just like Grauman’s, it is filled with hand […]

Is Tui Brewery Really Run by the Gorgeous Women in their Ads?

Tui Brewery on the Mangatainoka River, North Island, New Zealand

I know what you are thinking, why on earth would I be going to Tui Brewery to look for gorgeous women? Just take a look at one of their television commercials: New Zealand is famous for lots of things, and according to the Tui Brewery’s advertisements, the gorgeous women who work for Tui is one of […]

Larger Than Life Statues Around the World ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Larger than life statues in Singapore

Once again I am spoiled for choice.  Larger than life sculptures are everywhere.  Here are a few of my favorites, including a funny one at the end (click on any image for more details): Have you seen any of these larger than life statues? Which is your favorite? Are you participating in the AtoZ Challenge 2014? […]

Photo: Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

fabulous las vegas

I am sure you have seen the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign before today, but just in case, here it is: Like many visitors to this bizarre town, we stopped to take a photo of this classic Las Vegas sign which has been standing since 1959, although I am fairly sure they moved it […]

Seeing New York City Highlights in a Weekend

Freedom tower

Seeing the New York City highlights in a day is virtually impossible, but we gave it a try anyway. We actually had a few days, and spent yesterday in Central Park at the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once again, we got up, dressed, packed, checked out, put our […]

Times Square For Less – We Love New York City!

times square

Times Square hotel check in: “You’re the funnest person I checked in all week, so I upgraded you to a corner room overlooking Times Square. I also gave you free internet for the duration of your stay.” And, just when I though this couldn’t get any better, he actually said, “Would you like complimentary breakfast?” […]

Famous Hand and Foot Prints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Grauman's Chinese Theater (LA) - 04

Grauman’s Chinese Theater (now called TLC Chinese Theater) is an icon in Hollywood. It is home to the courtyard where the stars are invited to leave hand and/or foot prints. It’s where they are immortalized forever.  A tradition that has been going on since the 1920s,  it is a huge honor to be invited to leave a print. […]

The Meeting of the Seas: Cape Reinga, the Top of the North Island

the meeting of the seas

At Cape Reinga, the top of  New Zealand’s North Island is the meeting of the seas.  The Pacific flows down from the northeast, while the Tasman sea flows in from the northwest.  It’s very close to New Zealand’s most northern point and a stunning place to stand. Cape Reinga is considered to be the most […]

Arc de Triomphe, Military and a Parade

Military Parade line up

Once again we have arrived somewhere randomly, only to find it is a special day. Since we didn’t know what was going on, it all seemed a bit odd to us at first, especially in light of current world events. We are at the base of the Arc de Triomphe, just walking around and having […]

Night Photo of Sacre Coeur Against a Black Sky in Paris France

night photo of sacre coeur

I am almost embarrassed to admit that we had so much trouble finding Sacre Coeur.  After all it is on Montmartre, the highest point in Paris. Officially, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, but more commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Paris. Our […]

Photos: A Visit Up the Eiffel Tower, Paris France

Eiffel Tower

Some cliches are wonderful. Waiting in endless queues, fighting the crowds, being pushed around a bit, yet our visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower actually seemed worthwhile. We were lucky, we had timed tickets purchased in advance by an old friend who is now living just outside Paris, quite near the beautiful Palace of […]

Brussels Hightlights: Chocolate, Atomium, EU, Manneken-Pis


I think it is the chocolate that lured us to Belgium.  Without a plan, or a hotel room we found ourselves with only one day in Brussels, so we set out to hit the highlights. What can I say about a city whose most famous statue is a boy caught in eternal pee?  We had […]

Salzburg Austria – Musical Home to Mozart and The Sound of Music

Salzburg Austria

Our final port on our Mediterranean cruise was Venice, from which we hired a car and drove to Salzburg Austria, home to both the Sound of Music and Mozart. This was a great choice. We found an affordable apartment and rested, as cruises tend to leave us needing a bit of recovery time. Now we […]

Running on the Track at the Original Olympic Village in Athens

Olympic Stadium in Athens

Sometimes we get to do really cool things and today was one of those days . . . we raced on the track in the original Olympic village in Athens, Greece. It wasn’t an official race, just our family, but just being in the original Olympic village was amazing.  We had a super busy day in Athens, taking in […]

Photo Tour: How to See the Highlights of Rome in a Day

Photos of Rome

Today we attempted the impossible, to see the highlights of Rome in a day, including a visit to the Vatican. We knew it couldn’t all be done, but we had no option as Rome was a port stop on our Mediterranian Cruise on the NCL Sun. The secret to our success was two fold. First we did […]

Pisa Italy: Climbing the Leaning Tower and Visiting the Cathedral

Miracle Square

With one day in port to split between Pisa and Florence, we needed to be focused. Top on the girls list was climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I did it 20 years ago when I first visited Pisa. Then it was easy. We just bought our tickets, got in the queue, and then climbed the […]

Eloquence or Gift of Gab? We Kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland

Blarney castle

I have the been given the gift of gab! Today we kissed the Blarney stone, so we have goodly speech now 😉 Okay, now you’re probably wondering, what is the Blarney stone? (unless you already know of course) The Blarney stone is this special stone that, if you kiss, gives you eloquence. We think it gives […]

Bushmills and Guinness: Whiskey and Stout Tours in Ireland

Guinness Storehouse

Tours of Bushmills and Guinness are both interesting, but quite different from each other. One is the countries oldest continuously licensed distillery in the world and the other is . . . Guinness. Here are the highlights: Bushmills Distillery Licensed to distill by King James in 1608, Bushmills Distillery is the oldest continuously licensed distillery in […]

Our Classic London Photos: Cathedrals, Parliament, Palace, and O2

london photos

So much history, and so many classic London icons. We tried to see as many as we could, intermixed with markets, modern buildings, movie premiers, candy shops, and of course Harry Potter. Regardless of where we went, I was glad to always have a camera in my hand. Despite the weather, I think classic London shines through. Or […]

Prague Photos: Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

prague pretzels

It’s a good thing our schedule is very flexible.   Apparently there was a major festival going on in Munch, so there were no rooms available, at least none that we could afford.  So we stayed in Prague an extra day, added a night in Regensburg and then a visit to Dachau and finally on to […]

National Museum of Prague and Oldest Working Astronomical Clock

The Prague astronomical clock was installed in 1410. The lower dial has one day for each day of the year.

Prague is an amazing city that hubby will tell you about here, as Sarah and I are still sick. At least he and Melissa had a wonderful daddy-daughter day. Guest Post by Jeff Albom With half of our party under the weather, Melissa and I made an easy day of the National Museum in Prague […]