Unique Ways to Travel: If You Haven’t Yet, You Really Should

Cruising in Iceland is a unique way to travel. Public domain photo by Dieter55

{This post was written for Albom Adventures by Kacey Mya.} The great thing about travel is that it never has to be the same way twice. Sure, it’s easy to take a plane or car somewhere, but even these methods can be spiced up a little bit to give you a more unique experience. In […]

Alaska Native Heritage Center, A Must See in Anchorage

Alaska Native Heritage Center

As soon as we walked into the Alaska Native Heritage Center, we knew it was somewhere special.  We could see the “Gathering Place” or main stage with the athletes performing, competing and preparing for the upcoming World Eskimo Indian Olympic games. The youth, all Alaskan Natives, demonstrated several of the sports, including the One Foot […]

Mushing in Alaska – Working Sled Dog Demonstrations


Here’s a new idea. Imagine me mushing, flying across the snow being pulled by my team of dogs. Maybe it’s for a short trip, or possibly I will attempt the Iditarod, and sail across 1000+ miles of open snow to Nome. Let me make it easy to visualize: OK, stop laughing now. I could be […]