Haarlem Netherlands – Our First Cruise Port En Route to Norway

Haarlem, Netherlands

After a not too rocky crossing of the English Channel our first stop was the port of Ijmuiden in The Netherlands. Excursion options to Amsterdam were all canceled as we were quite late arriving here due to weather delaying our departure from Southampton. Our only on-shore option was the lovely town of Haarlem, which we […]

Vigeland Sculpture Park – A Must See In Oslo Norway

naked statues

Vigeland Sculpture Park is a must see in Oslo, but for some reason I was surprised to find so many naked statues.  Not that I expect statues to be dressed, just not so many body parts hanging around one park. Vigeland Sculpture Park contains over 150 sculptures by the famed Norwegian sculpture Gustav Vigeland. His various […]

Oslo in a Day: Ski Jump, Sculputers and Vikings Ships

Ski Jump in Oslo

Only one day in Oslo, the capital of Norway, is not the optimal way to see this beautiful city. For us, it is our only current option as it is the final port of our cruise through the Fjords before we head back to the UK.  We all had our wish list, and none of […]

A Bit of On-board Fun on the MSC Opera Heading to Norway

MSC Opera

We had some fun onboard the MSC Opera. Here are some of the highlights: I found this towel dog using my mobile phone one afternoon. Another day we had a turtle. Such a nice pool for such a cold climate. There was one afternoon that seemed warm enough to swim, but they fill it each […]

Stavanger Norway Huge Fjords and Home to the Nobel Peace Prize

Stavanger Norway1

I am loving looking at Norway! (Although, I am still struggling with supporting an economy that serves whale). We are now in the port of Stavanger Norway, and it has finally allowed darkness overnight. (When we were further north, even though the sun set for a few hours, darkness never came.) Today we took a […]

Bergen Norway Offering View from Above and an Historical Village

Bergen Norway

Bergen is stunning, a magical town that caught me by surprise. Not always good surprise, but it kept me on my toes. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. Arriving via MSC cruise ship, we opted not to do an official excursion from the ship, but rather to do things on our own. Visually, we were in […]

Flam, Norway: Waterfalls and the Fountain of Youth

Flam Norway

As we continued to cruise north along the Norwegian coast towards Flåm the days got longer, until it was never dark outside. The sun did dip just below the horizon for a few hours in the middle of the night, but it remained dusk. For a moment I wished that we had an interior cabin […]

Exploring the Port of Southampton in the Rain


We arrived a day early to explore the lovely town of  Southampton before we board a cruise bound for the Norwegian Fjords.  The fact that this is the same port that the Titanic disembarked seems to be one of it’s largest claims to fame. We are cruising on the MSC Opera, a ship and line we […]