Sarah’s Snapshots – The School Spring Party

Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

The start of spring in Argentina is often marked with a celebration, as well as Día del Estudiante or National Student Day. At my school, we celebrated with a small spring party with costumes. Unlike New Zealand, in Argentinian school everyone stays in the same class and have the same classmates and classroom throughout the […]

Late Night Halloween on K-Road and Queen Street in Auckland

Even some of the shop keepers got into the late night Halloween spirit in Auckland, New Zealand

Last night was a real eye-opener for me. Late night Halloween in Auckland brought out the creativity that New Zealand is known for. Since immigrating here 12 years ago, I have been incorrectly referring to Halloween as a “children’s” holiday in New Zealand. I thought the MOTAT Olde Hallow’s Eve event last week was pretty […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #30 – Very Vintage Day Out

50s waitress at the Very Vintage Day Out, Alexandra Park Raceway, Auckland, New Zealand - Photograph copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015

In April I attended a Very Vintage Day Out in Auckland with my sister and a group of friends. There was an indoor market and vintage cars in the outdoor section. It was a really fun day, and I enjoyed myself a lot. Here are my favourite vintage day photos: Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots is now back […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #27 – Hobbit Movie Costumes

Glamdring - elvish sword of Gandalf the Grey

Last week while at a waterfront cafe in Wellington, New Zealand mum and I came across a glass case containing the costume of Legolas from the Lord of the Rings (LoTR). Me, as a huge LoTR fan, became extremely excited when we found out that there was a whole trail of Hobbit movie costumes scattered about […]

Sarah’s Saturday Snapshots #21 – Steampunk Party

Steampunk party

Recently, I was invited to a Steampunk party organised by one of my friends. I really love getting into costume (which you probably already know from the blog posts about the LARPing I’ve been doing recently, and when I dressed up as a Hobbit for LibraryCon several months ago) so this was a lot of fun. There were a lot […]

Moonbright: Stranger In the Woods: An Adventure in Auckland

Musician in Moonbright: Stranger in the woods - Live Action Role Playing in Auckland

Photographing Moonbright: Stranger in the Woods, I stood in the sidelines and really didn’t follow the unfolding story very well.  To add to my confusion, players occasionally jumped out at me: Like the The Crucible, (the LARP my daughter participated in last month), Moonbright is an on-going Live Action Role Playing event. Stranger in the […]

LARP – Live Action Role Play in Auckland: The Crucible


Watching my daughter participate in her first LARP (Live Action Role Play), I can see why she is so attracted to the experience.  She reads fantasy, writes fantasy, and now it comes alive.  This particular on-going New Zealand LARP game is called The Crucible, and will be played for three years. Even being the youngest […]