Photos of Kings Park and Botanic Gardens in Perth Australia

Boab Tree in Kings Park and Botanic Gardens in Perth Australia

Western Australia (WA) is quite different from the cities in the east we travelled to on our loop over the top of Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Caines, and Darwin). WA is home to half of Australia’s plant species, and most are endemic to the region. Located in Kings Park, the Western Australia Botanic Gardens is a […]

Dreaming in Color: Photos of New England Fall Foliage

Fall foliage reflection in Maine USA

Autumn in New England (USA) is a destination on every travel photographer’s bucket list. My last visit to see the fall foliage was far too long ago. Now, as spring settles into the southern hemisphere, I can dream about nature’s vivid colours on the other side of the world. New England hills are bursting with colour. The […]

Exploring Cornwall Park in Auckland New Zealand

Acacia Cottage is Auckland's oldest surviving building located in Cornwall Park, Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is a city built for recreation, and there is no better evidence of this than it’s lush green parks. Cornwall Park is no exception. It’s a picnic under the trees, an exploration of Auckland’s oldest building, or a hike to the summit of a volcano that was once a Maori Pa. Cornwall Park was […]

Giant Redwood Trees of California Put Life in Perspective

In Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Oregon, USA

It’s a strange feeling, standing amongst the giant redwood trees of Northern California. They surround us with strength and power, towering over us so tall we can rarely see their upper branches. They provided a sharp contrast to the wide open coastal views we had been enjoying as we drove from Astoria along the Oregon Coast. Actually, […]

Random Vancouver Photos

Seaplanes and boats at a marina in Vancouver Harbour

A sunny day and a new camera, it was a perfect combination for collecting random Vancouver photos. My original camera failed just after a city walking tour. I replaced the body with an Olympus OMD Em5 Mark II, as it works with my existing lenses. Here are a few fun Vancouver photos, shared here in the spirit of Wordless Wednesday. Did […]

Hiking – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Hiking on Waiheke Island, New Zealand

H is for hiking. Practical Information:  With our reputation as being clean and green, of course there are a seeming unlimited number of hiking options, through subtropical rainforest, glaciers, parks, forest, and so much more. There are nine “Great Walks” in New Zealand, offering Department of Conservation shared cabins and requiring reservations. Total walking enthusiasts […]

Planning Pacific Northwest Portion and Our USA Adventure

Muir Wood. Photo by Robert Couse-Baker.

We are busy planning a three part epic USA adventure, which starts in less than a month. Part 1 US Highlights:  Phoenix AZ, Chicago IL, West Palm Beach FL. Part 2 Panama Canal Cruise: Adding six countries so it’s actually much more than a USA Adventure. We have ports in Aruba, Columbia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Canada. Part […]

Gumdiggers Park: A New Zealand Wonder Worth Visiting

Ancient kauri log estimated to be 100k-150K old at Gumdiggers Park in Northland New Zealand

Gumdiggers Park is an authentic piece of New Zealand history. It takes about an hour to explore and is a worthwhile stop if heading to the top of the North Island. It is home to the oldest non-fossilized wood found on earth. I’ll be honest, when we first saw Gumdiggers Park on the map, we worried it would […]

Kauri Trees: New Zealand’s Oldest and Largest Natives

Kauri trees along the path in Parry Kauri Park, Warkworth, New Zealand

The 800 year-old McKinney Kauri greeted us as we walked towards the boardwalk of Parry Kauri Park in Warkworth, New Zealand. On the day we visited, a group of students were at the base of the tree listening to their guide talk about the largest native tree species in New Zealand, growing only in the […]

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #33 – New Zealand Undergrowth

Fungus on a tree, Shakespear Park, New Zealand - Photograph copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015

New Zealand is well known for being a lush, green country, with plenty of interesting endemic flora and gorgeous forests. I’ve been on a few photo shoots over the last several weeks (mainly to Shakespear Park) and I’ve been trying to take photos of some of the undergrowth I’ve found. My favourites are below: Shakespear Park […]

Planting Day Replenishes the Native Bush to Auckland Parks

Planting Day at Shakespear Park in Auckland New Zealand

Planting Day brings out the best of people. The sense of community is one of the things I love about living in New Zealand.  Despite the rainy day, about 90 people planted nearly 4000 trees in Auckland’s Shakespear Park a few weekends ago. For now, I can’t plant, so I came along with a camera. […]

Urban Parks Tell the Story, Auckland is Clean and Green #AtoZ

Tree in Auckland Domain (Parks in Auckland New Zealand)

New Zealand’s clean green reputation is amplified in Auckland’s urban parks. Unlike places like New York City with one Central Park, Auckland has many mid-sized urban parks. While each has something special, they are always a welcome escape from the city life that surrounds them. Here are photos from four of  my favorite urban parks: […]

A Tree of Bikes and Other Signs of Christmas in Auckland, New Zealand

Childfund's Tree of Bikes, one of many signs of Christmas in Auckland, New Zealand in Auckland, New Zealand

As I walked up Queen Street on a drizzly summer day I could see signs of Christmas in Auckland everywhere.  It may never be a white Christmas here, but New Zealand knows how to celebrate, as well as how to offer the compassion of the holiday season. Using my favorite form of public transit, we […]

Photos: Curtain Fig Tree in Tropical Queensland, Australia

Curtain Fig Tree is one of the largest trees in Tropical North Queensland Australia

Sometimes we just can’t resist tourist spots like the Curtain Fig Tree. Located just out of Yungaburra, it is one of the largest trees in Tropical North Queensland, Australia. We visited the tropical region of North Queensland back in 2010.  Since then we have been to Australia two more times.  Once to Sydney, and more […]

Kahikatea Swamp Forest Walk Along Ship Creek in New Zealand

Ship Creek swamp forest near Haast in New Zealand

The west coast of the South Island of New Zealand is nothing short of spectacular. Around every turn there seems to be a rare and hidden treasure. Along Ship Creek we found the ancient Kahikatea Swamp Forest.  It is considered to be New Zealand’s best example of a swamp forest.  I thinks it’s beautiful, even […]

Cork Trees in Portugal and a Cork Museum in Spain

Harvested cork waits to be collected outside Evora Portugal

Cork grows on trees. As we drove though the Alentejo region of eastern Portugal, I was surprised to make this discovery. Cork trees lined the road. In the nearby town of Evora, a huge variety of cork products are available for purchase ranging from bags and hats to postcards. This added to the mystery of the […]

Pohutukawa, The Kiwi Christmas Tree

Kiwi Christmas Tree

The Pohutukawa is aptly nick-named the Kiwi Christmas tree as its red flowers bloom in late December. They seem to be everywhere in New Zealand. While some people plant them, most have been here longer than the people. Image Source: Photo by Abri le Roux Here is a closer view of the flower: Image Source: […]

Celebrating a Lone Saguaro As We Drove Through The Arizona Desert

Arizona Desert

The Arizona desert is alive and thriving, blanketed with saguaro and other interesting cacti.  My parents had retired to the outskirts of Phoenix years ago, and stopping for a visit was one of our final destinations before leaving the United States.  We also wanted the girls to experience Las Vegas, so we rented a car […]

Tane Mahuta: the Lord of the Forest in New Zealand

Father of the Forest

The Lord of the Forest (Tane Mahuta) and the Father of the Forest (Te Matua Ngahere), two of the world’s largest living kauri trees are both found amongst the magnificent trees in Waipoua Forest on the North Island of New Zealand. Tane Mahuta – Lord of the Forest New Zealand’s Kauri Forest My niece is […]

Stunning Russell New Zealand, Once the Hell Hole of the Pacific

Hell Hole of the pacific

We opted to take a passenger ferry from Paihia to Russell New Zealand as a day trip while we traveled around the top of the Island. It’s quick, comfortable, and I love being out on the water. On our last visit we opted for the car ferry, however it’s a small town that can easily be walked, […]

Goats in Trees And the Making of Argon Oil

Argan trees with goats

Really, we saw goats in trees. We are really enjoying Morocco and ready to explore some of the lesser known areas. We left the beach this morning and headed first south along the coast, enjoying hours of stunning beach views, intermixed with a few mud brick buildings. Driving here didn’t seem as frightening to hubby […]