Ten Reasons to Visit the Chocolate and Coffee Show in Auckland

Chocolate by Makana at The Chocolate and Coffee Show in Auckland New Zealand

I don’t need ten reasons to visit a Chocolate and Coffee Show. The name is enough. It lasts for only two days each year in Auckland New Zealand. And let me tell you, they are two great days for a coffee and chocolate fan like me. For those who need a bit more motivation, here […]

Top 10 Reasons to Visit this Year’s Auckland Food Show

Forty Thieves at Auckland Food Show

The doors to the Auckland Food Show open promptly at 10am, and along with a few hundred other people we head in for some of the best the country has to offer. Food, drinks, kitchen equipment, and cooking demonstrations, it’s all here under one roof. This is my second year attending the Auckland Food Show and […]

The Making of an Irish Coffee: Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco

Making an Irish Coffee at Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco

As I sipped my classic Irish Coffee while sitting at the bar of San Francisco’s Buena Vista Cafe, for just a moment I was transported back to a gentler time. Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista is a bit cliché, but it’s part of my history, my memories from living in this town that I love so […]

Of Course We Visited a Coffee Plantation in Costa Rica

Old style coffee making at the Espiritu Santo Coffee Plantation in Costa Rica

We could feel the coffee plantation calling to us even before the Island Princess docked in Costa Rica. We are coffee drinkers, hubby to the point of coffee connoisseur. Looking at the list of shore excursions offered by the ship, we were tempted by the lure of a rainforest teeming with exotic animals, but coffee won out. […]

The Art of Coffee Roasting: Behind the Scenes at Mojo

Coffee roasting at Mojo Roastery in Wellington New Zealand

Breathing in, I can always tell when we are nearby coffee roasting. To me, the earthy, nutty aroma is a mix of two of my favourites: coffee and chocolate. I know there is no chocolate involved, but it triggers that part of my brain. Hubby is really into coffee roasting. So much so that he roasts […]

Chocolate and Coffee Show: A Reason to Live in Auckland

Chocolate Shoes

Like a vacuum, I could feel it sucking me in as I approached the Auckland Chocolate and Coffee Show. What a perfect combination, a paradise found. With nearly 40 vendors displaying their wares my sweet tooth could finally be satisfied. Whoever thought of a chocolate and coffee show is brilliant.  And good news, it’s on […]

Coffee Training is Why Auckland Cafe’s Are Great – #AtoZ

Student latte in barista class

I know Seattle is the city people think of for coffee, but those are people who have never been to New Zealand. As a coffee lover and world traveler I am convinced that some of the world’s best cafes are in Auckland. Now I know why. It’s the barista training. Meet Dave: Why would we […]

A Funny Coffee Mug is My Weekend Inspiration

My Favorite coffee mug

Friends know my opinion – hubby makes the best coffee in town. Every morning and most afternoons, when we are home in New Zealand, we stop what we are doing and enjoy a cafe latte. Like most couples, we each have our favorite coffee mug. Mine was a gift from one of my teens. It’s […]