Why Belize Makes for an Exhilarating Travel Experience

Pier in Belize

{This article on Belize was written for Albom Adventures by Sam of Soar Legs.} Belize is a tiny country on the eastern coast of Central America and is sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala. It has the Caribbean Sea to the east and a dense Central American jungle to the west. This small yet eclectic nation […]

Visiting the Cruise Port of Puntarenas Costa Rica

The main commercial fishing area in Puntarenas Costa Rica

When I close my eyes and visualize Costa Rica I see a dense tropical rainforest teaming with colorful, exotic animals. My prior knowledge of this portion of Central America came from children’s books I shared with my girls many years ago. While interesting and fun, this visit was less than my ideal. As the Island Princess […]

Photo Tour: Crossing the Panama Canal on the Island Princess

Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal

Crossing through the Panama Canal was one of the highlights of our 19-day sailing on the Island Princess. An engineering marvel, the live commentary elicited excitement and wonder as we spent the day traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. Here is a photo recap of our day through the Panama Canal. Rocket scientist hubby […]