Photo Tricks: Shattering the Illusion of Broomstick Flying

broomstick flying photo tricks

Several years ago the girls and I took broomstick flying lessons in the same English courtyard that Harry Potter learned to fly. They were timed to fall just after the “On Location” tour of Alnwick Castle, which doubled as portions of Hogwarts. To this day, people still ask me about the day my girls did […]

Travel Photography Tips: Imagination Let’s You Fly (#AtoZ)

Imagination lets you fly

Imagination Let’s You Fly.  Really it does. Here’s proof: Imagination Let’s You Fly So, are my children flying? Are they on Magic broomsticks? Can you hear me say “up” as the broomstick rose to my hand? Did my teen flap her arms just enough times to actually leave the ground? I don’t think so – […]

Broomstick Flying Lessons At Alnwick – Where Harry Potter Learned To Fly

Broomstick flying lessons

What could be more exciting than taking broomstick flying lessons in the same field where Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasly and even Draco Malfoy all learned to fly?  Today was that day!  We had our first broomstick flying lesson at Alnwick Castle in the UK. The beautiful “living castle” sits along England’s North East […]