A Photo Exploration of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco California

I remember the first time I saw the Palace of Fine Arts. I was young, maybe 9 or 10, yet it stuck with me. I think it ignited my love for travel, for recapturing that magical moment of discovery. For me, San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts is a place of peace, of wonder. It’s also a coming home to […]

Sarah’s Snapshots: Rosario City in Argentina

National Flag Memorial from a distance in Rosario, Argentina. Photo copyright ©Sarah Albom 2016

Sixteen-year-old Sarah checks in on some Sundays from her AFS student exchange in Argentina. AtoZ blogging challenge will resume tomorrow. In the Santa Fe province where I live there is a city called Rosario, which I visited  with my host family on Easter weekend for a family gathering. The first day we went to a […]

Reflections of Auckland New Zealand

Reflections of Auckland New Zealand

Last weekend, while the girls were ice skating, I took a walk around the city. Reflection of Auckland were everywhere. It is a great city for walking, as it’s filled with an eclectic mix of architecture and street art, as well as being home to the tallest man-made structure in the southern hemisphere. As we […]

Urban Parks Tell the Story, Auckland is Clean and Green #AtoZ

Tree in Auckland Domain (Parks in Auckland New Zealand)

New Zealand’s clean green reputation is amplified in Auckland’s urban parks. Unlike places like New York City with one Central Park, Auckland has many mid-sized urban parks. While each has something special, they are always a welcome escape from the city life that surrounds them. Here are photos from four of  my favorite urban parks: […]

F is for Fountain – AmaZing Auckland #AtoZ

On a hot, summer afternoon, people swim in this Mission Bay fountain.

Once I started looking for them, I found fountains all over Auckland. Here are a few of my favourites: Similarly, we found many cool artwork and fountains in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. Tell me about your favourite fountain? Is it in your home town or somewhere else? Posted for the A to Z blogging challenge […]

Photos: Auckland Waterfront Artwork and Sculptures

Auckland waterfront artwork called Achy Breaky Heart by Michael Parekowhai based on Cuisenaire rods

Last weekend hubby and I went on a fabulous walking tour of Auckland waterfront artwork sponsored by Heart of the City for Art Week Auckland 2014.  You may have already seen my photos of  “Trees” by Michael Parekowhai or “A Maori Figure in a Kaitaka Cloak” sculptured by Molly Macalister.  Here are more of my […]

A Forest of Steel Trees at Britomart, Auckland Transport Hub

18 Kauri trees planted in Queen Elizabeth II Square in Auckland

I didn’t notice the forest of  stainless steel trees when I first walked into Britomart, the transportation hub in the Auckland central business district.  The entire building is an eclectic mix of old versus new, modern with hints of both the classical and the elements. From Queen Street the building exterior is virtually unchanged from […]

Night Shots of Cities on Five Continents ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Night Shots of Moscow

Night lights bring out beautiful colors in a city.  As we traveled around the world I was often glad I carried a small tripod. In the past two years I have been lucky enough to visit five continents.  Here are some of my favorite night shots from each. Click on the image for more details. Asia […]

Travel Tips and Photos for Beautiful Bruges Belgium

Belguim-Brugge - the burg - 2

“Everyone should see Bruges before they die.” (a line borrowed from the movie In Bruges) Have a look and you will see why. Even on cloudy and rainy days in Bruges is an attractive city in Belgium.   Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this page ©Rhonda Albom 2012 Travel Tips for Bruges Belgium: We have […]

Heidelberg Castle and Luxembourg City in a Day

Luxembourg-L. City view from  Bock Promotory - 04

I am pretty well convinced that some of our best days are those that are unplanned, like today’s visit to Luxembourg. We started the day with a hike to Heidelberg Castle and then intended to head north to take a few hour cruise on the Rhine river. The views of the ruins of the Heidelberg castle nestled […]

La Coruña – We Arrived At Our Second Home Exchange House

Razor beach

Home exchange is great!  We have two scheduled for this trip.  We have just arrived at our second in La Coruña, completely different from our other exchange home. Now we are in the center of the city, with a less than 10 minute walk to a spectacular beach. We are in the Northwest corner of […]

Locked out of the Medieval Walled City of Obidos Portugal

Obidos Portugal

After leaving Evora, we spend the afternoon in Sintra before driving up the narrow, windy, cliff edge, dirt road that leads to the city of Obidos. Up until this point we had loved every moment of our time in Portugal. Now the road was a bit nerve wracking but the problem was staring us in the face. The gates to the city […]

I Adore Adare – A Stunning Town in Ireland

castle and swan

We were told we would fall in love with some of the small towns in Ireland just by driving through and we did, as soon as we entered Adare. Nicknamed Ireland’s Prettiest Village, we know we are not the first people to decide add a night in this town. It’s an adorable village in County Limerick, […]

Hospital and Police in Berlin and Prague: Not our Best Days

Wenceslas Square

Hospital and police . . . let’s start at the beginning. After three days of increasing sickness and sleep, I decided it was time to seek medical attention. I am pretty sure my reality was altered by my illness, but this is how I remember it all: After being assigned a bed in the emergency […]

Photos of our Favorite Sites in Muscat Oman

Al Jalali Fort Muscat

So much to see in Muscat (Oman), but we need a driver. Hubby is getting the hang of haggling and negotiated a great rate a half day of Muscat highlights. We started with the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque often considered to be the world’s most beautiful mosque. It is the third largest mosque in the […]