Museum of Flight Connects Aircraft with History ~ Seattle

A Blackbird at the Museum of Flight in Seattle

The Museum of Flight is an unexpected treasure that caught me off guard. Being married to a rocket scientist, we naturally added it to our Seattle itinerary. Upon arrival, I had intended to stay about 90 minutes. Four hours later we were still captivated, learning, and enjoying every moment.  Huge planes hang overhead side by side smaller ones, flight simulators […]

Find South with Stars: Things I Learned at Carter Observatory in Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand's largest refracting telescope is in Carter Observatory, Wellington, New Zealand

From the big bang to space exploration, Carter Observatory in Wellington took us through time with colorful exhibits. Sarah and I visited during our recent mother-daughter adventure. We went on Saturday night in hopes of seeing the  refracting telescope at work. We were tired after a morning Walk Wellington tour and a visit to the […]

Can an International Airport Forget to Turn on Runway Lights?

Virgin Samoa at Faleolo Airport in Apia, Samoa with no runway lights in the background

Now, we all know I am not a rocket scientist, but even I know that when a large plane is approaching at night, the airport should turn on the runway lights.  Trusting those in charge, I generally don’t worry when I fly. Our landing in Samoa started a new chapter for us, best told as […]

Open Day for Tunnel Boring Machine in NZ

tunnel boring

All around the world we have encountered tunnels which allow us to drive through hillsides without incident.  Two of my favorites are: The rainbow tunnel (I am pretty sure it has a name) in Marin county outside of San Francisco: Image Credit: Photo by Lisa Padilla The tunnel in Salzburg, Austria: Did you ever wonder […]

How To Separate Water – Our Homeschool Science Project


Do you know how to separate water? To be honest, I didn’t even know it was possible. Sure, I knew that water was H2O.  I even knew that was two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. I just had no idea you could return them to their gas forms. Check it out:   And, it’s […]

Carcassonne, Is This Medievel French City Named for A Pig?

Carcassone France

Like many medieval walled cities, Carcassonne France has a beautiful castle with a moat. As the story goes, back in medieval times, the town was under siege.  The attackers thought by surrounding the castle and the walled city of Carcassone they would starve the inhabitants, therefore simplifying victory.  So, the people of Carcassone stuffed a […]

When Our Car Failed on the Southern Mediterranean Coast of Spain

Benalmedina Beach

I will be the first to admit, we could hardly call it “stranded” when our car broke down on the Southern Mediterranean Coast of Spain. When you are stranded in a beach town, life isn’t that bad. The hotel reception agent took pity on us and upgraded us to the 10th floor, with straight on […]