7 Types of Tours and Guidelines for Organizing Each of These

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Not every traveler would accept with pleasure an invitation to wander around the city for hours. There’s no sense in persuading or making him change his mind: there are also other tours to do instead of sightseeing ones. Someone is happy to go to the mountains or to the sea, the other one will choose wine or sweets tasting, and the third one has his wedding at hand, so he can conveniently time the event to coincide with the trip. How to organize well different kinds of travel:

7 Types of Tours and Guidelines for Organizing Each of These

For some people taking rest means to conquer mountain peaks. Somebody would not exchange the sun’s rays for a frosty wind, while others need only extreme. That is why travel companies offer customers different kinds of tours, for every taste and budget. What may prevent a private guide from doing the same and organizing for the traveler a wine tasting excursion program in the best cellars of France or an outlets shopping instead of a usual tour?

7 Kinds of Tours that You Can Offer the Traveler

1. Traditional Excursion Tour

Dynamic, rich, full of new knowledge and experiences, this can be a hike on any route, regardless of the country or location, if you add to your narration some appropriate jokes, interesting facts and good mood. With 30-40 people under the guidance of one guide with a loudspeaker you really won´t be able to take a rest.

Private Guide

The advantage of a private guide is an individual approach and flexibility: any wish can become a reality.

2. Mountain Skiing Tour

Why not accompany tourists who want to conquer mountain peaks? Especially if you have something to tell them about the exotic traditions of the local people, the history of a cliff, or how “on that hill” a famous movie was shot. The main thing going by this route is to explore it inside and out so that customers feel secure and able to safely enjoy its beauty without fear of taking the wrong road.

3. Shopping Tour

Spending money wisely is also a great skill. That’s why the services of a person with information about the places of sales, product range and discounts are very much appreciated. Examine all the available commercial facilities of your or neighboring regions, and make a route based on customer’s budget and requests.

Private guides know where to find national dishes for tourists to try

In between shopping tourists are happy to taste national dishes.

4.  Sport and Extreme Tour

If the traveler prefers some unusual pastime and its adrenaline rush instead of hiking, offer him conquering the desert or the depths of the sea, go windsurfing, kite surfing, or parachuting. The customer will be grateful to you if you save him from having to search for equipment rental centers or jumpmaster contact information. So get a list of useful addresses and simply accompany him, not forgetting to give him a good mood on the way!

5. Pilgrimage

If a person underreacts to all suggestions, and comes to life only hearing the words “temple”, “Mecca” or “Islam”, you can organize a trip to the holy places, for example, in the Egyptian monastery of St. Catherine or religious monuments in Cairo. One small thing is missing: developing a route, helping to buy tickets, and exploring the attractions to be visited. This service performed by a private guide is rather of the exclusive services category, and therefore has its respective price.

Pirvate Guide for a pilgrimage tours

Pilgrimage tours are preferred mostly by travelers from the “50+” category.

6. Gastronomic Tour

Such a trip would captivate people of all ages due to its interactive elements. Who would not want to try the traditional Camembert and Calvados in Normandy, to take part in the creation of home-made pasta in Florence, taste port wine in Portugal cellars, or cook delicious truffles in the Belgian Museum of chocolate?

In London, tourists can even pass a one-day course in a prestigious cooking school. Just in a few hours they could learn to cook a stuffed leg of lamb and mint mousse, a port wine gravy and puff pastries with Chantilly cream.

7. Wedding Tour

What it will be, an exotic island, extreme climbing, wine resort, or mysterious Barcelona, is up to the bride and groom. The guide’s task is to organize everything, including the transfer of guests, limousine, cake and live music, as to make the couple recommend him many times as a true professional.

A private guide is a great option for wedding tours offers

A private guide always has interesting wedding tour offers.

Be the vacation ever so cool in your dream, wherever this corner of paradise may be, and no matter how unrealistic plans may seem, believe those are achievable! Especially if it is made by a private guide, one of those who posted their portfolio at https://pg.world/ site. Do not be afraid to dream, and people of this creative profession will help you to realize your plans!

What is your favorite type of tour? Will you use a private guide?

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  1. says

    It is really nice to read about tips on arranging each type of tours.Private guided tours are really exciting specially when we are in a destination which we don’t know much.We have experience with guides in historical places,but I always prefer to have a small group such as 5-10,so we can talk with the guide about doubts.I also like pilgrimage,specially we arrange such trips with parents when we are in Sri Lanka.And finally,shopping tours are my favourite! 🙂

    • says

      We also travel in a variety of ways, sometimes on tours, sometimes with guides, and often on our own. While I love walking and food tours, I have never been on a shopping tour. I have a teen that I am sure would love to go.

  2. says

    I’m not a big fan of organized tours except if the place I’m going to visit is very historical. Other than that, I do prefer to go on my own. :p

  3. Sara says

    Interesting post! I’d be most interested in the sports type of tour just because I’m very active, but the first type also appeals. I love the rich amount of history and narration you can get from a private/personal tour!

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